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Calling all 2015 Ford Edge owners

Calling all 2015 Ford Edge owners


If you
recently bought a 2015 Ford Edge, you should read this. Ford is encouraging
owners to return to the dealership to have a full inspection to check for water
leakage. The inspection will be free of charge and it regarded as important,
even if there is yet to be a formal recall.

Ford Edge
built after April 28 2015 are not affected as manufacturing techniques were
altered slightly at the factory that no longer produces the potential for
leakage. There appears to be an issue with water ingress on the 2015 Ford Edge
built before that date. Water can leak into a joint on the front pillar which
can result in a damp front carpet and occasionally on the rear carpet too.

inspection is quite an involved one and can necessitate technicians taking up
carpet, checking behind the dashboard, under the console insulation, inspecting
the floor plan and all around the A-pillar. It's quite a detailed inspection
and can take a couple of hours to do correctly.

will then add a specific urethane sealer to the potential ingress point even if
a leak wasn't found. If a leak is found, Ford is asking dealerships to keep the
car for three days, address the leak, dry the car, address any damage, monitor
and then return it. Owners will be provided with a loaner while the work is
being done.

despite the large numbers of Edge that have been sold, only a few have been
found to have a leak. Unfortunately for Ford, one of the customers who did
experience a leak was the U.S. auto website Consumer Reports. Their test car
developed the leak and caused the testers to find a wet carpet during their

Given how
our winters are up here, any leaking into a vehicle has serious consequences,
so if you own a 2015 Ford Edge, we would encourage you to book it in for a
service and we can perform the inspection.

Car NationCanada offer full dealership facilities to all customers. We also service all
types of cars and trucks, perform recall repairs and everything you would
expect from a full service dealership.

If you
drive any of the brands we service and are concerned about recalls, we check
for technical bulletins and recall notices as part of any service. Book your
vehicle for a service with us today and we'll check everything for you. It's all
part of the service, literally!

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