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    Making the Most out of your Test Drive

    If you’re looking into buying a new car in Ontario then you should always book a test drive first. A test drive will give you the greatest idea possible of how the car runs, what it’s problems are, and most importantly, if you like driving it. However there are ways to make the most out of a test drive in Kitchener and this article will help you optimize your next test drive.


    1.  Plan Ahead

    Before you even begin the test drive make sure you know what you're going to do and what you're looking for. Plan a route to drive that will give you the greatest feel for the car and write down a list of things you want to check. If you're so inclined you could set up a little rating system for everything so you're thinking critically during the drive.

    2. Bring a Passenger

    book a test drive in southern ontario

    Credits: David Emrich

    If it can be helped, never test drive a car on your own. When buying a car, especially if it’s going to be a family car, the passenger perspective is an important one to consider, and one that you can’t really test alone. Is the passenger seat comfy? Is it within reaching distance of stuff in the back, all the things that might come up in day to day driving.

    3. The Walk-around

    You're not limited to just driving when you book a test drive, you have open access to the car, so use it accordingly. Walk around it, open up the trunk and judge the space, sit in the back seats to test leg room, fiddle with the buttons and dials to see if they feel right or if they’re positioned awkwardly.

    4. Drive Normal
    Driving POV

    Credits: Jaromír Kavan

    The best way to gauge if the car is pleasant to drive is to drive it like you normally would, exactly like normal if possible. Drive a regular road to the store and see how it feels. If you drive at least a part of your regular work commute in the new car, you’ll get a direct feel for how it compares to what you're used to.

    5. The Gizmo’s

    While out on the roads, make sure you try all of the car's special features (this is another place where a passenger comes in handy). Try the radio, the air conditioning, the GPS, the heated seats. Figure out if they actually work or are finicky and confusing, you’ll figure out quite quickly if you want or even need the extra features.

    6. Take More Than One

    driving in the rain

    Credits: Clay LeConey

    There aren't any laws against test driving a car more than once. A car might drive perfectly fine on a sunny afternoon but how does it handle a rainy night? Booking a second test drive in the evening can give you a clearer picture of how the car handles in more difficult situations.

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