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Car Nation Canada Customer Advocacy Program

Car Nation Canada is committed to customer satisfaction. We are men and women serving the ladies and gentlemen of our communities to meet their vehicle needs. We want to exceed your expectations to make your vehicle purchase and service experiences enjoyable and pleasant. The vehicle you purchase can be one of the biggest investments that you`ll make in your life. Many find this to be a difficult decision that can be stressful and intimidating. At Car Nation Canada dealerships we have developed a customer advocacy program to assist you throughout your vehicle purchase and service transactions.

When you start your vehicle shopping pursuit at https://www.carnationcanada.com/ your first point of contact will be with a Car Nation Canada Customer Advocate. Our job as customer advocates is to assist you with anything you may need regarding your vehicle purchase or service repair needs. Whether you are buying, or servicing, a new vehicle, or a pre-owned vehicle, your Car Nation Canada Customer Advocate will be your aid.

The staff at Car Nation Canada dealerships are well-trained professionals who are held to a high set of standards regarding customer service. Car Nation Canada dealerships are monitored and regulated according to best practices in customer service. Your Car Nation Canada Customer Advocate will assist you with any situation as long as you are a member of the Car Nation Canada family.

The first step in our Customer Advocacy Program is to listen in order to identify your needs. We then act as facilitators in making the necessary arrangements to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations. And it does not end after the sale. When you complete your vehicle transaction, our job has just begun. Your Customer Advocate will contact you periodically to ensure that you're satisfied with your vehicle. We will also create customized, informational "how-to" videos to address any question or concern that you might have. We all know that your vehicle owner's manual includes the technical data necessary to program various electronic gadgets in your vehicle. But, who has the time to read and decipher this boring encyclopaedic text? Car Nation Canada wants to make your life a little easier! Contact your Customer Advocate and request a "how-to" video. Problem solved.

Your Car Nation Canada Customer Advocate is your personal assistant for anything regarding your vehicle. Consider us to be your vehicle's concierge. At Car Nation Canada, we want you to drive what you love. Your relationship with Car Nation Canada will be the key component for you to love what you drive. Car Nation Canada is committed to customer satisfaction.


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