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How to Write a Great Used Car Ad: Get the Most Out of Your Car

How to Write a Great Used Car Ad: Get the Most Out of Your Car

When you’ve decided its time to sell your car, odds are you’re hoping to get it sold fast.  If the route you’ve chosen is to sell privately, you need to write a great used car ad. We have some tips to help you make your car listing stand out and sell your car as quickly as possible.


Be Specific and Give Details


Think about when you’re buying a car.  You want as much detail as possible, right?  You feel better buying a vehicle when you know all there is to know about it.  Your potential buyers will feel the same way, so help them out!


Include more than just the year, make, model, and colour when you write out your specs.  In addition to those details, here’s what you else to include:

  • Condition
  • Trim level
  • How many seats
  • Body type
  • Transmission type
  • What type of fuel it needs (or is it electric?)
  • Kilometers


Be Honest


Once again, when you write a great used car ad think about how you’d feel if you were buying the car.  If it turned out the seller wasn’t being honest, you’d be furious!  So, tell the truth about why you’re selling the car and what shape it’s really in.


In your description be sure to include any features that may not work the way they used to.  Maybe the heated seat on the passenger side only works on high or the radio presets are stuck.  A buyer needs to know about that stuff to ensure they can make an informed decision.


Show off the Best Features


What’s the difference between a Max Trailer Tow Package and a Tow Technology Package on your Ford F-150?  People may not know what you mean if you include those details, so if your trim package is top of the line, make sure you mention it.


Taking good pictures of your car is important too.  The best way to highlight the great things about your vehicle is with pictures. Make sure that car is looking good with a fresh wash and interior clean.  Your buyers can see themselves more easily in a clean vehicle.



Consider a few things before you take your photos.  Details like lighting and location are more important than you might think.  Don’t take your photos at night, and make sure your location allows you 360-degree access to the car.  Interior photos are key here too, so don’t neglect the inside!


Set a Price


How often do you see an ad that says, “Contact for Price” and immediately move on?  Decide on what you want to get for the vehicle and say it.  That doesn’t mean people won’t try to negotiate with you, but it does mean you’re likely to get more serious inquiries.  People have a budget in mind when they’re shopping and if your car fits it, they’ll be in touch.


Looks like you’re ready to write a great used car ad!  Remember these tips to ensure your car listing stands out from the crowd. Also, if you want to ignore the hassle of writing a car ad all-together, you can sell your car with us!

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