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Top tips for buying a pre-owned car | Oakville

Top tips for buying a pre-owned car | Oakville


Buying a
pre-owned car is a great way of buying something you wouldn't normally be able
to afford, or something cheaper than you would usually spend. If you do it
right, buying pre-owned is a positive experience that nets you a great car at a
great price.

As Car
Nation Canada specializes in certified pre-owned vehicles, we thought it might
be useful to give you some top tips for buying a pre-owned car.

What to buy

Like any
major purchase, it helps to have a dollar figure in mind before looking for the
car itself. Figure out what you can afford, set a budget and stick to it. Only
then should you begin looking at makes and models. It's all too easy to fall
for something that's just too expensive!

prices, options, colors and anything else you're likely to want in your
purchase. Find out where to buy the model you're looking for and compare prices
across the state. This gives you a good idea of what's realistic and what is

Where to buy

While it
may seem that buying privately is cheaper, there are many instances where it
really isn't. Buying a pre-owned car from a dealership offers many of the same
guarantees as buying a new car. So while it might cost a little more, you're
getting the reassurance of buying from a reputable company with the support of
a dealership network.

We would
always advocate buying a pre-owned vehicle from a dealer. You have no idea
where the car has been, what it has done, what it has gone through and how it
has been looked after. Unless you're mechanically inclined, you're unlikely to
be able to detect any major defects from a simple test drive either.

privately and once you pay you're on your own. Buy from a dealer and you have all the
backup you need.

Buy safely

Here at Car Nation
Canada we buy our used cars carefully. We then check them, service them, repair
or refresh them as needed. So not only do you get a car that has been fully
prepared for its new owner, you get the peace of mind that comes with a
professional inspection too. That's something worth more than a couple of
hundred dollars off a sticker price!

The private
used car market is one of the most complained about markets in the world.
Complaints range from poor service, no backup, hidden defects, hidden car
history, insurance write-offs, clocking (odometer mileage changes) and more.
Stolen cars are also often sold on the private market, making research more
important than ever.

If you're in
the market for a pre-owned car, it's much better to find a bargain with a
dealership you can trust. With fantastic deals being listed all the time, it
pays to buy from a name you can rely on. A name like Car Nation Canada!

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