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All The Requirements For a Car Loan in Canada

All The Requirements For a Car Loan in Canada

The prerequisites for a car loan are all listed in this post, so you know exactly what to get ready. I hope this aids you in the process!

Credit Score


Lenders with a focus on lending to borrowers with subpar credit exist (like us!). Prior to approving you, they still need to know your score. Lenders can determine if you've been making efforts to raise your low score by looking at your credit history record. They might take that into account more than the real sum.

credit score ranges

Make sure you have at least a few months of solid payment history before you apply for a car loan.  This means paying your rent, credit card bills and any other monthly bills on time and in full every month.  Payment history is the biggest aspect of credit score calculations so be sure to keep that up.


how credit score is calculated


Having evidence that you are employed and have the means to repay the loan is essential to getting a car loan. The lender will require alternative methods to assess the risk of lending to you because of the weakness of your credit history. While it is still possible to obtain a loan if you hold a part-time or contract job, it will be significantly more challenging.


While applying, be prepared to show the lender your proof of employment


Your chances of being accepted are better the more money you make. Have three months' worth of bank statements or pay stubs on hand as proving your employment and income are typically required when applying for a loan.


In addition to your monthly income, the ratio of your debt to income is also important. This refers to the portion of your income that has previously gone towards paying down debt. Your debt-to-income ratio should ideally be less than 35%. But, some lenders will let a percentage up to 50% if you're still rebuilding your credit.


Assets or Collateral


When you have bad credit, assets can help you get a loan accepted. It depends on the type of asset: is it liquid, like stocks or a savings account? Or, is it dry, like your house? When you have some liquid assets in your portfolio, it demonstrates to lenders that you will still be able to pay back your loans if the worst occurs, such as losing your job.


The lender can secure the loan by using collateral. When it comes to auto loans, the vehicle itself serves as the collateral, therefore no further security is required. The lender will have the car repossessed in order to recover their losses if you are unable to make your loan installments. This is why it's crucial to confirm your ability to pay back the loan before you sign any contracts. You don't want to lose your car and get into over your head debt.




Having a cosigner with good credit will boost your chances of getting approved for a loan, while this is not necessarily a condition for auto loans. Before you choose this path, keep in mind that your co-signer will be held accountable for the payments if you fail to make them. Always make sure your co-signer is reliable, believes in you, and wants to assist you in improving your financial situation.

Down payment


Usually speaking, a down payment is required for any sizeable loan, including mortgages and auto loans. Your requirement for a loan is reduced if you contribute a down payment. By paying for a portion of the expense up front, it also lowers your monthly payments.


The industry norm for down payments on auto purchases is 20%. Saving that money can be challenging, particularly if you're working to raise your credit score. It can make a difference in whether your loan is accepted or denied if you can put off buying a car a little longer and save more money in the interim.


Being ready is the finest move you can make when applying for a car loan. Before you even think about submitting an application to lenders, get everything in order. Examine your credit record, make a budget, gather the necessary documents, and have a plan before you start.

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