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Calendar of major international auto shows 2015

Calendar of major international auto shows 2015


The beginning of every year heralds in a new auto show
season. It's our chance to see what's on the horizon as well as new innovations
and some concepts that may, or may not, ever see the production line. With our
own Canadian shows just behind us, we thought we would put together a calendar bringing all
those important auto show dates into one place. As dealers of a wide range of vehicles from Ford to Hyundai, we have a vested interest in all of these.

Listed in chronological order.

January 17 – 25 North
American International Auto Show
(NAIAS) - Detroit

February 13 to 22 - Canadian
International Auto Show
- Toronto

February 14 to 22 - Chicago
Auto Show
- Chicago

March 5 to 15 - Geneva
Motor Show
- Geneva, Switzerland

March 11 to 15 - Calgary
International Auto & Truck Show
- Calgary, Canada

March 24 to 29 – Vancouver
International Auto Show
- Vancouver, Canada

April 3 to 12 - New
York International Auto Show
- New York

April 2 to 12 - Seoul
International Motor Show
- Seoul, Korea

April 16 to 26 - Amsterdam
International Motor Show
- Amsterdam, Holland

April 22 to 29 - Auto
- Shanghai, China

May 7 to 17 - Barcelona
International Motor Show 
- Barcelona, Spain

May 29 to June 6 - Lisbon
International Motor Show
 - Lisbon, Portugal

June 19 to 28 - Buenos
Aires International Auto Show
 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 17 to 27 - Frankfurt
International Motor Show
 - Frankfurt, Germany

October 1 to October 16 - Paris International Auto Show - Paris, France

October 14 to October 25 - Johannesburg International Motor Show - Johannesburg, South Africa

October 16 to October 25 - Sofia International Motor Show - Sofia, Bulgaria

October 28 to November 8 - Tokyo Motor Show - Tokyo, Japan

November 26 to 29 - International
Automobile Show
 - Sharjah, United
Arab Emirates

There are far more than nineteen auto shows in a year, but
we have restricted ourselves to those shows that have a track record of either
being very good, showing us something new, showcasing a release or a new model
or being otherwise great. There are literally hundreds of auto shows across the world
each year, but we think these are definitely worth watching!

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