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You’ll Want to Buy an SUV in Canada After Reading This

You’ll Want to Buy an SUV in Canada After Reading This


Winter is on the horizon, and in Canada we all know what that means. That’s why more and more people are choosing to switch to SUVs, however there are many other reasons you may want to consider investing in an SUV and in this article we’re going to walk you through some of the best.


SUVs are Big and Cosy


SUVs are big, and while it’s not always true in this case bigger is better. There are many benefits that come from having a bigger vehicle, for example if you have a family it offers much more space for both passengers, and any school or sports or any other strange hobby equipment that your passengers may bring.


SUVs also give higher ground clearance giving you a taller and better view of the road which can make for a more comfortable driving experience, plus people give you more space when you’re bigger than them.


Modern SUVs have been developing a reputation for luxury, so if you buy a new model you can be sure that the drive will be cosy with all the latest gadgets and Gizmos.


2022 jeep grand wagoneer available at unique chrysler

2022 Jeep grand Wagoneer available at Unique Chrysler


SUVs Are All Terrain


SUVs are designed to handle all different sorts of terrain, so if you want to take up off-roading then it’s the car for you, however having a 4 wheel drive car is useful on any terrain, especially in Canada.


Some people take the added security of an SUV as an excuse to be more lax with their driving during winter conditions, which can actually lead to more collisions, however if you continue to drive safely in winter then an SUV can keep you even safer.


SUVs are Cheaper than Ever


The cost of SUVs, both the initial cost and the running costs used to be a massive reason as to why people didn’t buy them, however as time goes on those problems become less and less relevant.


Fuel efficiency was often cited as an especially bad problem for SUVs and they had a reputation as real gas guzzlers, however more recent SUVs have been working hard to combat that problem, and while they likely still use more fuel than the average sedan, their reputation for fuel costs has been greatly diminished.


As well as that, because lord and more people are buying SUVs, there are more and more SUVs popping up in the used car market, which is ideal for you if you want to make the switch to an SUV but don’t have the cash to splash out on a brand new model. 


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