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No, The 2022 Ford Focus ST is Not Available in Canada

No, The 2022 Ford Focus ST is Not Available in Canada

The new 2022 Ford Focus has been revealed and it shows some minor but important design revisions that make this little Ford more appealing than ever.


The main changes are with the design. You’ll see new LED lights and new fog lights up front and new rear lights too. There’s an option to have camera-assisted front lights that can dim for oncoming traffic and to rear the road ahead for driver assistance.


The rear lights also get darker lenses and a different shape. This is a small change but makes a real difference when you see the car from the rear.


Inside, the changes continue with the introduction of Ford’s new SYNC 4 infotainment. It has a larger 13.2” touchscreen, speech recognition, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration and support for OTA updates.


The touchscreen in the Focus has also taken on the climate control settings so the area around it is cleaner, with fewer switches.


The 2022 Ford Focus ST, is the one in the image. It gets new wheels and that bold Mean Green colour. It’s definitely a colour that stands out from the crowd.


The Titanium, ST-Line and Active trims will get similar upgrades, including unique grille designs for each model and new facia.


2022 Ford Focus engines


The engines for the new Focus are mostly unchanged. That means the turbocharged 1.0-litre three cylinder with 125 hp or 155 hp with mild hybrid, or 100 hp without.


Other regions get a diesel option while Canada will likely not get that.


A seven speed dual clutch automatic or six speed manual transmission will drive the front wheels.


The Focus ST keeps the turbocharged 2.3-litre four cylinder that delivers 280 hp.


Ford Focus


The Ford Focus is a great little car and one of the few remainers to Ford’s car lineup.


It’s a popular city car as it can do anything. Drive sedately with the kids to school, accept the weeks or months groceries in the hatch or carry the family away on a long weekend.


If you buy the Focus ST, it can do all those things while letting you have a little fun when you’re on the track on the highway. The ride may be stiffer but the overall feel is very similar.


It’s good to see Ford keeping at least a couple of non-crossover or SUVs in its range. We hope that remains the case as otherwise, everyone is going to be driving the same thing, with the same look, just with different badges.


The changes in the 2022 Ford Focus may be modest but they demonstrate a continued interest in keeping the Focus fresh and appealing. That’s a good thing when the only real alternatives come from abroad.


Long may it continue!


Learn more about the 2022 Ford Focus at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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