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2018 Autoshow Winner - Joe

2019 Autoshow contest winner - Hugh Mccreery and his lovely wife won 2 Tickets to the Autoshow and a gift card for the value of $600



Car Nation Canada CIAS Giveaway 2nd Prize


February 2017- Nick Colantonio




Unique Chrysler - Challenger Hellcat Giveaway


June 2017 - Manish Raj


Car Nation Canada CIAS Giveaway Grand Prize
February 2016 - Sherri Simmons
Unique Chrysler Chrysler 200 Giveaway


August 2016 - Aaron Unelli


5th Annual $5000 Winner:
Paul Ciccotelli of Brantford
5th Annual $5000 Winners x 2:
Anna Galka from Hamilton & Karen Irene Hartwick from Huntsville


5th Annual $5000 Winner:
Kyle Kennery of Georgetown
5th Annual $5000 Winner:
Valeria Zecca of Brantford



2014 Rob Golf/Kia of Hamilton Win A Soul Winner
Peter Vennell Family from Grimsby


2014 Win A Dodge Dart Winner:
Dominic Rupolo from Burlington


2014 Auto Show VIP Night Winner:
Anrike Joubert From Oakville
2013 Auto Show VIP Night Winner:
Brent Weaver From Niagara Falls

4th Annual $5000 Winner
Andy Melo From Hamilton

4th Annual $5000 Winner:
Karen Gorter From Brantford


4th Annual $5000 Winner
Daniel Kirby From Burlington

4th Annual $5000 Winner:
Robert Balla From Hamilton


4th Annual $5000 Winner
Rana Bumaglag From Hamilton

2013 Fun In The Sun Patio Set Winner:
Vanda Almeida From Brampton


2013 Fun In The Sun Patio Set Winner:
Tanya Alisic From St. Catharines

2013 Fun In The Sun Patio Set Winner:
Paulino Sambrano From Hamilton



3rd Annual $5000 Winner:
Hubert Fullerton From Hamilton

3rd Annual $5000 Winner:
Leanne Varga From Burlington
3rd Annual $5000 Winner:
Nicola Narini From Oshawa

3rd Annual $5000 Winner:
Michael Loro From Cambridge



3rd Annual $5000 Winner:
Tahsin El-Rifal From Mississauga

2013 Kia Winterfest Winner:
Jean-Claude Marcoux From Georgetown


2012 AutoShow VIP Night Winner

2012 Kia Winterfest Winner:
Marnie Smye From Hamilton


2nd Annual $25,000 Winner:
Jared Kerr From Burlington

1st Annual $25,000 Winner:
Angelo Cavato From Hamilton


Las Vegas Getaway Winner:
Rob Hodgkinson From Burlington