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The 25 Critical Illnesses Covered Under Basic Auto Insurance

Critical Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is one of the fastest growing products in the insurance industry for auto loans. Adding Critical Illness Insurance to any auto loan can enhance an individual's compensation package or an Affinity group's membership privileges. Our plans are purchased for individual insurance coverage with your auto loan
Two Critical Illness Insurance plans are available - Basic and Voluntary coverage: Basic will cover 25 critical illnesses listed below.


Basic Coverage - 25 Critical Illnesses Covered Under Insurance

(no medical evidence required)

IAP's Group Critical Illness Insurance is the most comprehensive basic individual plan available in Canada today.

Covered Conditions

Alzheimer's Disease Deafness Major Organ Transplant
Aortic Surgery Heart Attack Motor Neuron Disease
Aplastic Anemia Heart Valve Replacement Multiple Sclerosis
Bacterial Meningitis Kidney Failure Occupational HIV
Benign Brain Tumor Loss of Independent Existence Paralysis
Blindness Loss of Limbs Parkinson's Disease
Cancer (Life-Threatening) Loss of Speech Severe Burns
Coma Major Organ Failure on Waiting List Stroke
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Multiple Event Coverage - unlimited claims for unrelated illnesses
  • AdvanceCare Benefit - 10% Benefit Payment for Early Stage Cancers and Coronary Angioplasty
  • Spouse and Dependent Child coverage options available
  • Optional Waiver of Premium
  • No termination age


Voluntary Coverage


Voluntary plans can be designed to compliment IAP's individual Critical Illness Insurance coverage as a stand alone product.
Both the Basic and the Voluntary plans offer the following additional features:
  • Conversion options after coverage has been in force for 24 months.
  • Access to OneWorld Medicare's Treatment Management Service to help the insured person's Critical Illness benefit go further in accessing a second opinion or alternative treatment.