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Wrench: The Best Game to Learn About Cars

Wrench: The Best Game to Learn About Cars

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It isn’t often that a video game can be said to provide useful skills that we can use in the world but this may be just that. Wrench is a video game that simulates being an auto technician in a realistic way and could very well teach you how to fix your car.


Similar to Car Mechanic Simulator, Wrench is a game set inside the car workshop. You can use a virtual reality headset or traditional monitor to play and the initial video looks good. As the mechanic, you are guided through different processes such as changing filters, torqueing bolts, rebuilding engines and all manner of tasks. As far as I can tell, the walkthrough is pretty realistic.




While I wouldn’t imagine a game could overtake the years of training our guys go through, or the years of experience, it is a good grounding for those car owners who have no clue about what goes on under the hood. To have an element of gamification to help drive that learning is even better.


Here’s the promo video:



As you can see in the video, it is a realistic looking engine with a useful first person view. The engine is apparently from a Mazda MX-5 but you can’t really tell. What you can tell from it is that it looks realistic and you can easily see the different components and also see how it could be used as a training tool.


Most drivers could do with learning a little more about how a car works and what they need to look out for in terms of basic maintenance and safety. Knowing how to change oil, check filters, check fluids and so forth can make a big difference to how well and how long your car operates.


While we are happy to do all that work for you, I think knowing the basics of auto mechanics help you become a better driver too. You would learn why it isn’t a good idea to start and engine and then redline it immediately as you pull away or why it isn’t a good idea to ignore that yellow warning light. It’s basic stuff but stuff that can benefit you and your car in the long run.


Car Nation Canada is always here for your auto maintenance and servicing needs. However, I think having a little fun with a game that teaches you useful skills is a good thing too!


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