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Using a VIN to avoid buying a stolen car

Using a VIN to avoid buying a stolen car


If you're planning to buy a used car from the internet or
classifieds, one of the most important checks you have to make is about the
history of the car. If you buy a car that has been stolen and it is identified,
you not only lose the car, you lose the cash you paid for it too.

So how can you tell if a car has been lost, written off or
stolen? There are a couple of checks you can do to find out.

Check the VIN

The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is essentially the
car's serial number. You will find the number on the dashboard, on the door
post on the driver's side, service records and registration paperwork. The VIN is
made up of 17 letters and numbers that uniquely identifies the vehicle. It will
look something like, 1ZCBP8CHXA5100001.

The first three characters identify the manufacturer,
characters 4 – 8 the model and series, character 9 is the check digit to ensure
the VIN is legit. Character 10 is the year of manufacture, 11 is the factory
where the car was made and 12 – 17 will be the unique identifier for that
particular vehicle.

You need to check the VIN against the vehicle registration
paperwork to make sure it matches exactly. If there is even a slight difference,
walk away and report the car to the police.

Verify the VIN

Write down the Vehicle Identification Number so you can
verify it with an independent third party before agreeing to buy the car. Most
legitimate sellers won't mind you wandering off for ten minutes to check the
car out. As most checks can now be done online, it will only take a little

There are a number of online providers of VIN checks,
including the Canadian
Police Information Centre
. Enter the VIN number and begin the search. The
search is free and will tell you if the police knows of any issue with that
vehicle. There are also a number of commercial VIN checks that can tell you
whether the VIN matches the vehicle and whether it has been flood-damaged or
reported non-repairable.

Avoid the pitfalls of buying a stolen car

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that has been stolen or written off by insurance companies. Buy it from Car
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