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The importance of inspecting a used car before buying

The importance of inspecting a used car before buying


Would you
buy a pair of shoes without trying them on and checking them out first? How
about a new suit for work? Chances are that you wouldn't buy anything important
without making sure it fits you and it fit for purpose. 
So isn't it
surprising that so many people simply look under the hood, drive around the
block and then feel ready to buy a used car? Given the potential cost of the
transaction and the cost of repairs should any be needed, it is surprising that
so many people don't thoroughly check a car before buying it.

When buying
a used car, you generally have three options. You buy privately and inspect it
yourself or with a friend. You buy privately and pay an inspection company to
check the car over or you buy certified used from a dealership.

Buying privately with

There is
nothing wrong with buying a used car privately as long as you know what you're
doing. No pre-purchase inspection on the roadside can compare with a dealership
check, but it can identify the most obvious issues. Less obvious ones may not
be so easily identified.

still is to take a friend or colleague who is an auto technician. They can use
their expertise to check the car over before you pay for it to make sure you're
getting exactly what you're paying for. However, even this cannot identify every
potential issue with a car.

Buying privately with a
paid inspection

Paying for
an inspection company to give the car a once over is more popular than ever.
They act as your eyes and ears and add a professional overview to a used car
purchase. They can quickly identify any obvious shortcomings and any likely
issues with the car before you buy.

It is
important to know that not all inspection companies use auto technicians for
this job. Not all companies warranty their work and not all of them guarantee what
they do. Many of them will only ever guarantee the inspection of an engine and
transmission too, which leaves a lot of car for you to deal with should
anything happen.

Buying certified used cars

Buying a
certified used car from a dealership such as Car Nation Canada offers several
benefits. The car has been inspected by a certified auto technician. It has
been repaired, serviced, safety checked and prepared for sale. All our work and
all major elements of the used car itself has then been certified.

Buying a
used car from us also comes with a warranty. In the unlikely event something
does go wrong, it is likely to be covered under warranty so you won't have to
foot the bill.

certified used cars from Car Nation Canada makes perfect sense. Visit Car Nation Canada Direct, 4315 N Service Road Burlington, ON L7L 4X7 to see our
current range.

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