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What's The Best Way To Sell Your Old Car In Ontario?

What's The Best Way To Sell Your Old Car In Ontario?

If you’re planning to sell your old car to help pay for a new one, we can help. Our sales team has put together some actionable tips to help when it comes time to sell your car.


Rather than doing pros and cons or outlining a use case as we usually do, we thought we would do a Q&A style post. Let’s see how it goes!


The Best Place to Sell Your Old Car

Sell it to a dealership. Not that long ago, selling to a dealership meant taking a hit on the price but not any more. Dealers need good quality used cars and are now willing to pay close to market price for them.


The gap between the price you’ll get selling privately and selling to a dealership is now much narrower. Plus, you don’t have all the extra hassles of a private sale.


How Can You Make Sure You’re Getting a Good Price?

Do your research. Check out the market for your exact make, mode, trim and year. If you drive a popular car, check the colour too. The closer to your exact car you can get, the more accurate the price.


Check online marketplaces and check Kelley Blue Book. Check multiple cars and multiple sources to see the current value and use that as a ballpark figure.


What Can You do to Help Get a Good Price for the Car?

Clean it. Clean cars allow the appraiser to see the condition and makes a good first impression. Also make sure to fix easy things like changing tires, changing wipers, making sure all the lights work, the engine bay looks clean and tidy and simple things like that.


These take time rather than money and can make a difference to the overall price offered. Even if it doesn’t impact the price, it may increase the chances of an offer.


Sell or Part Exchange?

Both, or either. Dealerships will buy good quality used cars whether you’re buying a new one or not. Dealers need fresh supplies of cars to keep up with demand so they are willing to buy regardless of the situation.


As long as you have legal title to the car, the car is in good condition and they could resell it, they will likely buy it.


What do Dealerships do With the Car?

If you sell your car to a dealership, they will recondition it and prepare it for sale. That means giving it a thorough check and test everything. They will service it, make sure everything works, make any repairs and prepare it for sale.


They will then sell it on their website or from their lot.


What if I Need a Quick Sale?

Sell to a dealer. There’s no need to create an ad, take dozens of pictures, post online, wait for calls and manage viewings and test drives. If your car is in good condition, you could be done in under an hour.


Dealerships usually pay into your bank and funds should be available quickly, so if speed is of the essence, selling to a dealership makes perfect sense!


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