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Roadside recharging now available in Montreal

Roadside recharging now available in Montreal

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A new roadside assistance service has been introduced by CAA-Québec designed specifically for EV drivers. The service, a roadside recharge, is being launched to help electric vehicle drivers who run out of power between destinations.

CAA-Québec is expanding its remit by adding a valuable extra service with this recharging setup. With distances between our cities so great and electric ranges still fairly limited, it is all too easy to run out of charge before you get where you need to go. If you’re a CAA-Québec member, help is at hand.

Roadside charging
The service is being run by CAA-Québec in collaboration with Hyundai Canada and Club Auto. It is initially being launched in three cities, Montreal, Quebec City and Laval. The service involves the dispatch of a specialist charging vehicle that can provide a charge for around 40km of range to get you home. The charge can be delivered within 15 minutes of arrival and should see you home or to somewhere you can charge fully.

As this initiative is being run in conjunction with Hyundai, the CAA cars will be using Hyundai IONIQ electrics. They have been modified to allow the charging of other some types of other vehicles. Two of these IONIQs are based in Montreal to cover there and Laval and the other in Quebec City.

As this is a new service, it is limited in what cars it can recharge. At the moment it can charge Ford Focus electric, BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai IONIQ and Volkswagen e-Golf. Other models will presumably follow as the service is developed.

Don’t worry if you don’t drive one of these EV models. If your car is incompatible, you will be towed to the nearest charging station. You won’t be left on your own.

This is a logical evolution of roadside assistance. With electric vehicles establishing themselves as the future and still having relatively limited range compared to the vast distances we often have to contend with, this service should provide valuable peace of mind for those owners who travel between cities or travel longer distances.

While limited in scope for now, it is likely that this EV charging service will expand as the uptake of EVs accelerates. With more electric vehicles from the likes of Ford, Kia, Hyundai and others becoming more viable all the time and prices dropping, electric transport is definitely the way things are going right now.

For now, CAA-Québec is offering this service at no extra cost to members. I think that’s a great deal and one more reason to consider electric motoring the next time you’re in the market for a new car!

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