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Selling a Car to a Dealership: 4 Reasons Why You Should

Selling a Car to a Dealership: 4 Reasons Why You Should

Did you know you can sell your car to a dealership even if you don’t plan on buying from one? Not many people seem to know that, which is why today's post is about the main reasons to sell your car to a dealership!


You have three main options when disposing of your old car in favour of a new one. You can trade it in towards the new car, sell the car to a dealership or sell it privately.


While trading in and selling to a dealership are similar, they aren’t the same. Trading in requires a car purchase to trade the car in against. Selling a car does not. The dealer will offer a cash price for the car regardless of whether you’re buying one or not.


Here are four reasons to sell your car to a dealership.

Quick and easy


Private sales are effective but they take time, plenty of preparation and lots of patience. You have to set up an ad, take dozens of pictures, handle lots of queries and manage test drives. All that takes time and effort.


Selling to a dealership is easy. Make an appointment, have the car appraised, accept our offer and get paid. It could all be done and dusted within an hour!


Good prices


Selling privately was always the route you took if you needed the highest price for your old car. That’s not quite so true now.


While dealerships cannot always pay market rate, the gap between what you might get in a private sale and selling cars  to a dealership is now narrower than ever. We pay more while private buyers do everything they can to pay less, so who would you rather deal with?


Reliable, instant payment


Payment anxiety is one of the worst things about selling a car privately. How do you accept payment while keeping it convenient for the buyer but safe for you?


Do you use cash? Banker’s cheque? Bank transfer? Will the buyer wait until the money has gone through? Do you keep the keys until funds have cleared? You get the idea.


Sell your car to a dealership and you’ll have none of that. Once the deal has been signed, the money will be deposited into your bank account right away.


Safe and secure


The vast majority of private car sales process perfectly safely and without any problems. However, we all know the risks and have heard stories and some of those stories may even be true.


Sell to a dealership and you don’t have to invite strangers into your home. They don’t get the opportunity to snoop around your garage or get to drive your car.


Instead, you get to sit inside a comfortable dealership, drink our coffee and relax while we appraise your car. How relaxing is that?


If you need to sell your car and want to make it quick and easy, you now know what to do!


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