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Pros and cons of electric cars in Canada

Pros and cons of electric cars in Canada

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you should consider making the switch over to an EV (electric vehicle).


Initially, these electric cars had some major obstacles to overcome but the latest generation of EVs that are on the road in Canada is worth serious consideration.


Range anxiety for the most part has been addressed


The latest generation of EVs on the road can easily cover 500+ kilometers of driving in-between charges.


If you are living in urban parts of Canada like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, etc... there is sufficient charging infrastructure available for you to recharge your vehicle while on the road.


If you are living in rural parts of Canada, where charging stations are few and far between, then you need to install a level-2 charger in your home.


This charger will ensure your vehicle is kept fully charged so you can go for long road trips without having to worry about becoming stranded.


Potential cons associated with owning an electric car


One of the challenges you will face with the purchase of an EV is the higher sticker price compared to gasoline-powered cars.


While there are some rebates being offered by the federal and provincial governments throughout Canada, they will not fully offset the initial upfront cost.


Reasons why you should make the switch over to an EV


While gas prices have recently come down to somewhat manageable levels, we are just another geopolitical catastrophe away from being gouged again at the pumps.


Instead of tempting fate, you can lock in your “fuel prices” by switching to electricity which has more reliable and predictable pricing.


Making the switch to an EV has a series of distinct benefits, your maintenance costs and risks are greatly reduced. With a gasoline-powered vehicle, numerous moving parts could fail and lead to a costly repair bill.


EVs only have a few moving parts, it is far simpler to maintain, you just need to change your tires and service the HVAC system at routine intervals.


Financing options for EVs are becoming more mainstream


The number of finance companies that are offering financing for EVs has grown considerably, most banks and lenders initially shied away from offering financing for EVs because it was not an established market.


Now you can access financing, provided your credit score is in the high 600s and you have a stable income.


Where to get the most competitive deal on an EV in Canada


While in theory, you could buy an EV online, this is not something you should actively pursue. You need to test drive the vehicle to make sure it is the “right fit” for you.


By going to a local dealership, you will also have access to the most competitive financing terms, the quotes you get online will always be higher than what you would get through a local dealership.


If you are still reading this, contact your local dealership today and get the ball rolling, the money you save by making the transition to an EV is well worth it.


If you need help or advice on anything to do with electric vehicles, contact Car Nation Canada today, we can help!

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