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Nissan Juke taking the dashcam a few degrees further

Nissan Juke taking the dashcam a few degrees further

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Nissan have never been afraid of doing things slightly differently, just take the Leaf and the Juke as example. Now, they are doing it again with a different take on the dashcam.

Dashcams are becoming more popular as more people watch car chase videos or police shows that feature dashcam footage. Some drivers use them to capture evidence of bad driving or as part of an accident report. Some use them just for fun. Nissan’s new JukeCam will do all those things and more.
The Nissan JukeCam is a 360 degree dashcam. It will sit in a mount on the dashboard of the Juke and will record up to 3 hours of footage. The camera will be removable and can be used in other situations as long as the battery lasts.
Here is a video of the JukeCam.

Nissan have yet to announce release dates in North America but we will update you when they do.
2017 Nissan Juke
The Nissan Juke is purposely polarizing and will never apologize for its appearance. I like that in a car. There are too many bland looking sedans and crossovers on our roads and we don’t need any more. The 2017 Nissan Juke satisfies that need for originality.
The design is daring. The froglike lights, youthful, rounded frontage and curved hood all shout fun. A narrow grille with Nissan badge is the only understated element of the entire design. Wheel arches are pronounced, the roofline curves the side mirrors are bold and chunky and the rear is equally bulbous, yet curiously attractive.
On the inside, the Juke exhibits Nissan’s usual build quality with more youthful appeal. Lots of space for passengers is a real bonus, as are the rounded controls and dashboard. Everything is well laid out and logically placed, making it easy to use and live with the Juke. Cargo space isn’t huge but is enough for most daily uses.
Under that curvy hood is a 1.6-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine. It generates 188 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. The Juke NISMO and RS use the same engine but a larger turbo to generate 215 hp. Power is sent to the front or all wheels via a CVT transmission with a manual option for the Juke NISMO and RS.
The 2017 Nissan Juke has good road manners with a high seating position, good visibility and a stable platform. It is easy to drive and park, making it a useful companion for city driving. With a ton of features and customization options, there is a lot of scope to make it completely your own too.

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