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New Kia models shown in China

New Kia models shown in China

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Last week saw the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, one of the largest auto shows in Asia. Models shown there don’t often come to North America, or if they do, they often vary considerably from their Asian cousins. We hope these two new Kia don’t. The Kia K3 Turbo and the Niro were both unveiled at the show and we liked what we saw. The Niro we have seen before but the Kia K3 Turbo is a new one on us.

Kia K3 Turbo
The Kia K3 Turbo is similar in size and shape to the Kia Forte and has been designed for the youth market. It retains the sleek design of the Forte, with tiger nose at the front, angled lights, very raked windshield, sloped roof and small rear with large rear screen. While definitely a Kia, it does look like an upmarket one.

The Kia K3 Turbo features DRIVEWISE, billed as driving assistance, which we are guessing will be some form of lane keeping, automatic braking and blind spot monitoring tech. It will also feature ‘Baidu CarLife Connectivity’ function that supports both Android and Apple. We’re guessing again, but it sounds like smartphone connectivity like we see over here.

No mention of engine or mechanicals though. Given the name, we would expect a four cylinder turbo of the 1.6 or 2.0-litre variety. We’ll let you know if we find out more.

Kia Niro
We have seen the Kia Niro at an auto show before. This is a hybrid SUV along the lines of the Sorento with similar looks. The design softens the SUV shape by keeping things sleek. A slightly rounder front end than the K3 Turbo still features the tiger nose and shaped headlights, but rounds out the taller profile nicely.

We know much more about the Kia Niro because we have seen it on this side of the Pacific. It is Kia’s HUV (Hybrid Utility Vehicle) and has a 1.6-litre engine with an electric motor in support that outputs a combined 138 hp. With a six speed dual clutch transmission and front wheel drive and a very competitive price, the Kia Niro is going to shake up the hybrid market completely.

Both the Kia K3 Turbo and the Kia Niro show significant promise, although we know much more about the latter. We know the Niro is coming to Canada at some point, we only hope the K3 Turbo does too.

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