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Will The Kia Sonet SUV Be Available in Canada?

Will The Kia Sonet SUV Be Available in Canada?

A new small SUV from Kia has been teased ahead of its global unveiling on August 7. The rendering doesn’t give much away but gives you an idea of what to expect at the end of next week.


We saw the concept back in June when it was shown at the 2020 Delhi Auto Expo. We fully expect the production version to closely match the car we saw there. There are likely to be standard side mirrors rather than those single ones and more conventional door handles, but otherwise we think the release will be very similar.


Kia Sonet


The Kia Sonet looks remarkably like the old Nissan Juke. It has similar dimensions, similar rounded vents in the lower sill, similar flared fenders at the front and bulging hood. The Sonet has a more angular design though and is arguably much more appealing.


The concept has detailing on every panel. A bulging hood, distinctive wheel arches in each fender, an inset detail on the side panels and detailing on the rear hatch too. A slightly sloped roof with roof rails and rear quarter detail adds even more interest.


The front end is very good looking. The tiger grille is there, along with a detailed chrome surround. Angled lights at each corner with LED elements look the business while chrome detailing on the lower sill gives you even more to look at.


A high ride height, large alloy wheels and red trim all add to the effect.


Going inside


We didn’t get to see inside the Kia Sonet concept but we expect the same standard of interior we see in most Kia cars. We think the cabin will be a more conventional affair with a few design flourishes to mark it out.


Kia is known for quality materials and build and we think this will be exemplified here. It’s a new car and a new opportunity for Kia to display its prowess. I don’t imagine they are going to miss that opportunity.


“With the new Kia Sonet, we had the ambition to give this compact SUV a strong and muscular character found only in much larger vehicles. With this in mind, we have designed what we believe is a great SUV with a uniquely sporty attitude, a confident stance and a dynamic silhouette,” said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Kia Design Center at Kia Motors Corporation.


“We also gave the new Kia Sonet an uncompromising attention to detail and a selection of colors and materials that could have only be inspired by the great cultural heritage that our designers found all over India,” the chief designer added. The Sonet will be Kia’s second ‘made in India’ car, following the introduction of the Seltos. It won’t be restricted to India, however, as the automaker says it will “appeal to consumers worldwide”.


Even though the Kia Sonet is being showcased in India, this will be a global model. That means we will get to see it in Canada at some point in the future.


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