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The Rezvani Tank: A Jeep Wrangler Varient

The Rezvani Tank: A Jeep Wrangler Varient

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I have heard the Jeep Grand Cherokee referred to as a tank in positive ways but never the Wrangler. The smaller Jeep is certainly rugged and can hold its own on and off road but it is a little too svelte to be called a tank. Until the Rezvani Tank arrived that is.


The Rezvani Tank uses the Jeep Wrangler as a base and then builds on it in a big way. The Californian coachbuilder is equipped drivers for Armageddon with this beast!


The Rezvani Tank gives us a new moniker, EUV for Extreme Utility Vehicle. The EUV uses a Jeep Wrangler chassis and running gear along with the 6.4-litre V8 engine from Chrysler. With around 500 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque on tap, there aren’t many places this beast cannot go.


Rezvani Tank


There is no doubt that the Rezvani Tank is somewhat over styled but it does look the business. The complex body shape looks like something out of a Transformers movie or Mad Max but also looks at ease with itself. With high lift suspension and huge ground clearance, it really will be a go anywhere vehicle.


With options such as night vision, thermal imaging, bulletproof body, B6 armoured glass, Kevlar fuel tank and run flat tires, this Tank can be specified to survive just about anything.


While the Hemi V8 is the only engine option right now, Rezvani says they are planning to offer the Pentastar V6 as an alternative if there is enough interest. While the V8 has enough grunt to get you out of almost any kind of trouble, the V6 is quite capable too.


The new body detailing and armour plating makes it quite difficult to identify the Jeep Wrangler underneath. When you see the Tank in profile, you can see the familiar hood angle into the windshield and the squared-off door spaces that are unmistakably Jeep.


The Rezvani Tank begins at $178,000 before adding options. For that you get the entire vehicle with heads up display, V8 power, night vision and rear suicide doors. The company is taking deposits right now with delivery scheduled by the end of the year.


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