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How To Get An Instant Cash Offer On Your Car In Ontario

How To Get An Instant Cash Offer On Your Car In Ontario

Have a car you want to sell? Need and instang cash offer on your old car? Need to make space on the driveway or in the garage? We can help! Selling your car to a dealership is a simple way to make money fast or sell your car without the fuss.


Car Nation Canada are buying used car direct from owners and are offering top prices for them.


Get an instant cash offer on your old car easily and quickly by selling it to us!


Sell Your Car to a Dealership

The process is so very simple. Prepare your car, get your paperwork together, book a valuation, accept the offer and get paid. That’s all there is to it.


Prepare Your Car for Sale

Preparing your car for sale is an important step and could either make your car more sellable or slightly more valuable depending on the make and model.


Clean the car inside and out. Remove all the trash and all your personal items. Clean the interior surfaces, vacuum the upholstery and carpets, clean the mats, clear out the glovebox, ashtray and storage and wipe down everything so it looks its best.


Do the same for the exterior. Rinse the car down, soap it up clean it as thoroughly as possible, clean the wheels and rinse everything off.


If you have the energy to give the car a wax too, it will look much better for it!


Get Your Paperwork Together

To sell a car, you’ll need the title, registration, service record, owner’s manual and any receipts for work you have had done. If you don’t have a service history or receipts, that’s fine but you cannot do anything without the title and registration.


Service history and receipts are useful but not mandatory. They show the car’s history and will have an impact on the valuation but they aren’t a showstopper.


You’ll also need both keys if you have them.


Book a Valuation

You can drop into one of our dealerships for an appraisal if you like but you may find an appointment is more convenient. There’s no waiting around for someone to be free or a free bay in the shop.


We’ll check the car over, take it for a quick test drive and make you an offer.


If you accept the offer, we’ll go do the paperwork and complete the sale. The paperwork shouldn’t take long if you have all your own paperwork for the car and the car isn’t under finance.


Get Paid!

If the car is paid for, it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to get everything arranged. If your car is under finance, we work with your lender to settle the loan, which may take longer.


Typically, cars are all paid up so we can complete everything within an hour and pay direct into your bank.


Selling your car to a dealership is a fast, effective way to get rid of your old car, make a little money or make some space. Try is today and see how much you could make!


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