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How to stay safe when selling a used car

How to stay safe when selling a used car

We have put together some helpful tips you should follow when trying to sell a used car anywhere in Canada. The adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure comes to mind, so with that in mind let us begin looking at the safest ways to sell your used car.

Deal with local buyers only (no exceptions)

One of the most common mistakes that first-time car sellers make is dealing with buyers that are from another province.

When the pandemic hit, all of the country was put on lockdown, so not being able to meet people in person had become “normal” but you should never try to sell your used car over the Internet or telephone, if you cannot meet the buyer in person you should just move on.

Even if you meet a buyer in person, it does not mean you can lower your guard. You should meet in some public place and not at your home.

There are criminals who come to test drive the car at your place, they do not have any real interest in buying the car but want to case your property to see if you are a good prospect for a home invasion.

You should never advertise your car on social media, there are criminals prowling these platforms looking for cars to steal and once they know who you are, they will wait until you are away to grab the vehicle.

If the buyer is legitimate and offers to buy the car, you should only accept bank draft or cash, never accept a personal or out-of-province check.

Selling a used car during an active lockdown

Should you find yourself in an active lockdown, where meeting the seller in person is not a viable option. You should go to their address and Facetime with them, this way you can see the person and make sure they check out before you sign over the registration of the car to them.

All of these steps may seem like a massive pain in the neck, but it is necessary if you want to avoid the most common scams that are being conducted online.

A better way to sell your used car

There is another, easier way to sell your used car but most people don’t even think about it. Your local car dealership would be happy to buy your car and pay you a fair price for it.

Used car prices are high and the dealership knows they will be able to sell your used car. The challenge is finding a price that both of you can agree upon.

What you need to keep in mind when selling your used car to the dealership is they need to make a profit from reselling the car. This is why no dealership can give you 100% of the current value for your car but they will give you something competitive.

If you are truly looking for the safest way to sell a used car, going to your local car dealership is hands down the best way.

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