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Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee Appreciation Post

Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee Appreciation Post

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There are hundreds of tuners doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things with vehicles and I tend to not cover most of them. However, when a tuner with the pedigree of Hennessey takes something like a Grand Cherokee and bolts a thousand horsepower engine to it, things become harder to ignore. I love the big Jeep in standard guise but this version? Wow. Just wow.


We know Hennessey likes to do good work with many types of vehicle and has created some seriously powerful and good looking cars and SUVs. While the exterior of this Grand Cherokee Trackhawk looks largely the same, when you hear it all that changes.


Here’s the video:


Bring the noise

The noise is incredible. That video shows several tries at the dyno to test the power figures for the engine. The graph is a perfect representation of what a power curve should look like and with a 1,012 hp upgrade to the stock engine it was always going to be impressive.


Hennessey took a stock Hellcat equipped Trackhawk and bolted a 4.5-litre supercharger to it, made some other tweaks, added a new map and probably a lot more we don’t know about yet. What you get is over a thousand horsepower and probably the best exhaust note to ever grace a Jeep.


2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the few vehicles that is as comfortable off road as it is on road. It can haul the family anywhere at any time, in any trim level with any of the available engines. With air suspension and a solid chassis, road manners are superior to any Cherokee that has gone before.


The interior is superb. It’s spacious, light, well appointed and includes a ton of soft touch materials. Seats are comfortable, the infotainment is very intuitive and you can specify your vehicle to almost your exact requirements. Jeep’s interiors have come on in leaps and bounds and the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee benefits from all of that progress.


The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is offered in a variety of models. They are Laredo, Limited, Overland, Summit, Trailhawk, SRT and the Hellcat-powered Trackhawk. Each offers an increase in features from the previous trim until you have every conceivable technology you could want.


With five engines, a huge options list, a range of AWD systems and nice styling make this a very compelling option for anyone looking for an SUV that delivers a supple ride with a little excitement thrown in.


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