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Great deals on bad credit car loans at Car Nation Canada Direct

Great deals on bad credit car loans at Car Nation Canada Direct


As an
entity that deals with quite a few bad credit car loans, we see a wide range of
buyers in a huge selection of situations. Wanting a new car isn't always
because you want something faster, newer or shinier. It's often essential to
get you to work, to get the kids to school and help with all those important
things in life.

That's why Car
Nation Canada Direct, our new used car superstore in Burlington, Ontario is
happy to offer bad credit car loans. We work with auto finance specialist
CarLoan4You to provide funding of all kinds to buyers of all types.

Car Nation Canada Direct

Car Nation
Canada Direct is our new pre-owned car superstore. It can be found at 4315 N
Service Road, Burlington, ON, L7L 4X7.
Here you will find over 300 quality used cars at fantastic prices. If you don't
see what you want, we can source it for you. If you do see what you want, we
have a great price for you!

location also offers finance. Standard car loans and bad credit car loans. We
work with a number of reliable lenders including CarLoan4You to provide
affordable finance for your new car.


is a national lender who specializes in loans of all kinds. As part of Car
Nation Canada, CarLoan4You is predisposed to providing finance for cars bought
from us. As long as you can afford the repayments, you're likely to get

Also as a
part of the Car Nation Canada family, staff are friendly, courteous and have
your interests at heart. Work with us and you're in good hands! We will only
suggest cars and finance that you can afford and that makes sound financial
sense for your particular situation.

We work
closely with both you and our lenders to make a good match between the cash you
need to buy the car you want and the amount you can comfortably borrow. There
are no embarrassing questions and we don't need your life story. All we need
are wage slips, bank statements, ID and evidence that you can afford the loan.
Ask us about what to bring when you visit.

Need a bad
credit car loan? No problem. We're a specialist at providing subprime finance
in a number of situations. Given we're a part of a large auto dealership
network, bad credit car loans are what we do best!

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