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Ford highlighting backup trailer assist in new TV ad

Ford highlighting backup trailer assist in new TV ad

Ford is using every feature it can think
of to boost sales of the already immensely successful Ford F-150. This time, a
TV ad extols the virtues of the backup trailer assist feature of the new truck.

The ad
featuring veteran comedian Denis Leary aired last week on Thanksgiving during
the Fox NFL coverage. The ad is the third in Ford’s new “Brainstorm” campaign
for the 2016 Ford F-150. The first two concentrated on gas mileage and safety
while this time they are going for technology.

As you can
see, Denis and Ford have spent a lot of time and money pushing this single
feature. While backup trailer assist undoubtedly helps those who tow, it shows
just how important features and technology is during the buying decision

something we have discussed before here at Car Nation Canada. The extent to
which technology influences your choices when it comes to a car or truck
purchase. The influence that technology has over decisions is growing, which is
why automakers spend so much time and effort stuffing as much tech into their
vehicles as they can. Then charging you for it all.

trailer assist is a new piece of tech from Ford that is integrated into 2016
Ford F-150 trucks. It’s a new feature that uses a dial on the dashboard and a
reversing camera. Essentially, it allows you to reverse the truck while
steering with the dial for easy reversing onto a trailer hitch. It is a clever
piece of tech that makes a somewhat difficult manoeuvre that little bit easier.

The tech is
so clever that it won nomination into the "Best of Innovation Awards"
at the U.S. Consumer Technology Association.

2016 Ford F-150

There is a
good reason the Ford F-150 is North America’s best-selling truck. Because it’s
good. Very good. The new aluminium body panels have proven the naysayers wrong,
the engines are deliver the goods in terms of power, reliability and gas
mileage and the cabin and technology are both top of their class.

Add the
ability to haul and tow, five trim levels, three cab variants and the SRT
Raptor and you have a powerful range of trucks to choose from. All containing
those signature Ford looks and the inherent reliability of Ford trucks.

Check out
the 2016 Ford F-150 at Northway Ford
, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2. We think you’ll love

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