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The Easiest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario

The Easiest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario

These tips are intended for novice, first-time car sellers in Ontario. The pandemic has changed the way Canadians buy and sell used cars. Since no one has put together a list of best practices, we are going to arm you with the information needed to make the right decisions.

Why now is a great time to sell your used car


The number of prospective used car buyers has spiked. Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, the number of used car buyers was limited to a few retail consumers who we call “tire kickers” and professionals who buy cars all the time.


There is a shortage of used cars available in Canada and the shortage is going to last a few years. The reason there is a shortage of used cars is due to a lack of new cars available in the economy. If drivers cannot buy a new car, they are going to keep their current vehicle.


The demand for used cars is not limited to just the Canadian market, buyers from around the world are looking for used cars. You can see on websites like Copart buyers from abroad are willing to pay a premium to get used cars from Canada.


We mentioned Copart which is used by professional sellers and buyers, you could use that website but there are listing fees and additional costs that would probably not make sense for you since you are just selling one vehicle.


Finding the right buyer for your used car


While the demand for used cars is high, you still need to do your research to find your target audience. The most common mistake that first-time car sellers make is putting their car for sale on social media.


On paper, selling your car on social media makes sense. There is a large number of people on social media so the odds of finding someone who will want to buy your car is higher than posting somewhere else. While it is true you will find people who want to buy your car, these “buyers” present a unique set of challenges.


Most of the people shopping on social media are looking for rock bottom prices. Everyone wants to save money but you want buyers who can appreciate the fair market value of your used car. You will get lowball offers from buyers on social media who are hoping to get lucky.


Even if you accepted the lowball offers, there is no guarantee the buyer will come through and actually pay. You are probably thinking, there has to be an easier way to sell your car, especially since the demand for these cars is at an all-time high.


The easiest way to sell your used car


The easiest way to sell your used car is to remove the hassle of you actually trying to sell it. Take your car to your local dealership and find out what the car is truly worth in today’s market. The dealership is going to conduct a professional appraisal and make a cash offer.


This offer does leave some room for the dealership to resell the car for a profit. If you accept the offer, then you walk out of the dealership with cash in hand and zero hassle. If you stick with this approach, you will never have a problem selling your used car.


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