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All Documents Needed to Sell a Car in Ontario - Updated 2024

All Documents Needed to Sell a Car in Ontario - Updated 2024

We have put together the best strategies to follow when trying to sell your used car in Canada. These tips are intended for private individuals; professional sellers have a vast array of tools available to them.


The majority of us have no formal experience selling used cars; these strategies are going to make the entire process easier.


Essential Documents Needed to Sell Your Car in Ontario

There are some documents that you must have prepared before you can move ahead with the sale of your used car.


Are there any active liens on the vehicle?


When you purchased the vehicle, there was a lien placed on it by the loan provider; when you made the last payment on the car, the lender would have sent you a "lien release".


If the car was paid off, but you cannot find the lien release, you should contact the lender and ask them to send you a copy of the release.


Do not try to sell the car if there is an active lien or pretend there are no liens at all.


No one will want to buy a car with active liens, prospective buyers will do a title search before making a payment on the car, and you do not want to end up with the reputation of someone who is shady.


Another document you will need to prepare is the used car's service record. This shows the car was properly maintained, so prospective buyers cannot try to lowball you.


Putting together the vehicle's service record should not take too much effort; if you aren't able to locate all of the receipts, you could ask the repair shop to email you duplicates.


Preparing Your Car's Advertisement

Once you have all of the required documents needed to sell a car in ontario, the next step is cleaning the interior and exterior of your used car.


You want it to look its best, so potential buyers will want to make an offer. If you don't want to do this step, you could have the vehicle professionally detailed for a nominal sum.


You need to take good-quality photos and videos of your used car, both inside and outside the vehicle.


This attention to detail will make your advertisement stand out from all others, which is vital when reaching a critical mass of buyers.


The Fastest Way to Sell Your Car

There is a way you can bypass all of these steps and get paid right away for your used car; no, this is not some type of gimmick.


Your local car dealership will buy the vehicle from you and pay a fair price. To get the ball rolling, you must drive your vehicle over to the dealership and let them conduct an appraisal; once the appraisal is over, the dealership will make an offer on your used car.


Now that you know the best strategies for selling a used car, you can contact the local dealership and get paid today.


If you’re looking to sell a car fast in Ontario, we’d love to buy it for a great price! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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