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The Average Age of Cars in Canada is Higher Than You Think

The Average Age of Cars in Canada is Higher Than You Think

According to a survey of US cars, the average age of vehicles on the road is increasing. The study by IHS Markit found that the average age has increased to 11.9 years across the United States. It isn’t unreasonable to think Canada will be the same. That means vehicle servicing is becoming even more important.


The survey by IHS Markit cites coronavirus and the increased reliability of vehicles for the increase in age. The survey also says the change in behaviour after the financial crash in 2008, higher new car prices and strong used car values also contribute to this finding.


“At the start of 2020, all signs were pointing to moderate growth of the average age of vehicles through the first half of the decade, and there was certainly growing pessimism about how long the strong economic fundamentals could last,” said Todd Campau, associate director of Aftermarket Solutions at IHS Markit.


“However, the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect storm to accelerate U.S. light vehicle average age in coming years. This should be a positive side effect for the aftermarket, as the majority of repairs for older vehicles come through the aftermarket channel.”


The survey also found that new vehicles made up just 6.1% of cars on the road. Again, this is something that is likely the same here in Canada.


The increased importance of vehicle servicing


With many of us keeping our cars for longer, service and maintenance become more important than ever. A car can only keep running for longer if we maintain it and have it serviced regularly.


Vehicle servicing is about prevention rather than cure. About catching issues early before they cause a breakdown and escalate in cost. It’s also about keeping your car running efficiently, getting the best gas mileage and avoiding breakdowns wherever possible.


The modern car is a mixture of hard wearing components and replaceable parts. Those replaceable parts include filters, hoses, brake pads, wipers, oil, brake fluid, coolant and a whole plethora of other components.


If these wear out and are not replaced in a timely fashion, your vehicle begins losing efficiency, isn’t such a smooth drive and risks a breakdown. And when your car breaks down, you know it will purposely choose the most inconvenient time and place to do it!


While vehicle servicing will not eliminate breakdowns altogether, it can significantly lower the chances of it happening. All while keeping the engine running smoothly and efficiently.


So if you’re keeping your car for longer like many of us are, don’t neglect servicing!


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