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Arranging a Test Drive When Selling Your Car: How It's Done

Arranging a Test Drive When Selling Your Car: How It's Done

Test drives are an integral part of buying a car. Whether you’re buying privately or from a dealership, you need to spend some quality time with the car to make sure it’s the one for you. So, you need to bear that in mind you'll need to arrange test drives when selling your car privately. If you sell your car to a dealership, it will all be done for you, so today’s post is about the private sale.


The Time and Place

We are all busy people and typically have a lot going on. So arranging test drives when selling your car could be more challenging than you might think.


We recommend offering several options if possible, during the day, in the evening, and at the weekend.


You’ll obviously have to work around your own schedule but the more choice you give a buyer, the more likely they are to want to engage.


The meeting place is a tough one but we recommend a public place. Some buyers want to meet at your home so they can verify you’re real.


As a seller, you want as few people as possible to know where you live, so you have to balance the needs of the buyer with your own needs.


A public place, in daylight, is probably the safest. A mall or movie theatre car park or somewhere like that is usually a good bet.


There will be people around, car parks are often under video surveillance and you have the space to have a friend with you during the process. As long as the place is easy to get to, that should work out fine.


Bring a Friend

Take a friend or family member with you to meet the buyer and have them either come with you on the test drive or follow. They could go shopping too, if they cannot come on the test drive with you.


If your buddy does come with, have them hold the car’s title while you’re out on the test drive. Then, should anything happen on that test drive, they don’t have the car and its paperwork.


Confirm the Buyer’s Identity

Ask to see the buyer’s driver’s license if they want to take the car out for a drive. Take a picture of it and send a copy to your buddy. Most buyers know this is part of the process so shouldn’t have a problem with it.


Also, perform a check to make sure it’s a real licence. There is only so much you can do unless you know what you’re doing, but even a cursory check could detect an obvious fake.


Rules for Test Driving

When it comes time for the test drive, set clear rules. No test driving alone, keeping to rules of the road, obeying speed limits and other traffic laws.


The test driver should also have some form of insurance that allows them to drive other cars. Otherwise, you’ll have to drive them and they remain the passenger.


If you drive out of the lot and switch places later, take the keys with you if you leave the car or you switch seats inside while the test driver goes around.


Switching inside while you go around is still a common way cars get stolen. As is you leaving the car first at the end of the test drive. Make sure you’re last and you get the keys before you leave.


Test driving is all part of buying a car and shouldn’t be a hassle. If that sounds like too much risk or effort, sell your car to a dealership instead. You’re always safe with us!


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