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2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed

2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed

The van sector is a huge one for automakers and it is high time we began seeing viable electric vans. Ford delivers with their own all electric Ford transit van, the 2023 Ford E-Transit Custom.


2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed

2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed


While a little behind competitors like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, it’s better late than never for the world’s best-selling van.


The new 2023 Ford E-Transit Custom has been teased and hinted at for a while. Now we get to see it for real and, if the images are anything to go by, it’s going to be huge!


Ford of Europe president, Stuart Rowley, made this statement as part of the announcement: ‘The next-generation Transit Custom range – including the all-electric versions – will strengthen Ford’s position as Europe’s number one commercial vehicle brand.


‘Transit Custom is the jewel in our commercial vehicle crown and key in our drive to grow our commercial vehicle business as we continue to create a sustainable, profitable Ford business in Europe rooted in an electrified future.’


2023 Ford E-Transit Custom


2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed


The design of the 2023 Ford E-Transit Custom builds on the existing European transit design. It’s a sleek look that’s not that dissimilar to the VW Transporter.


The similarity is no surprise really, give the E-Transit is partly a joint venture between Ford and Volkswagen as part of Project Cyclone.


The new front end gets a shiny grille and a new set of LED lights, including a slim light bar under the hood.


A detailed panel design gives us plenty to look at, including a complicated, but nice-looking bumper and lower sill.


The profile includes fluted panels and an optional side door. Otherwise, there isn’t much else you can do with a van shape give the requirements of the vehicle.


We don’t yet get to see the inside, so we cannot comment on the interior. However, the current Transit is pretty good in terms of comfort and technology, so the E-Transit shouldn’t be a disappointment.


Under the hood


We understand that the 2023 Ford E-Transit Custom will feature the same motor and battery setup as the standard Transit.


That’s an electric motor in two sizes alongside a 68kWh battery pack.


The motor can deliver the equivalent of either 181 hp or 265 hp and a range of up to 236 miles of range (380 km).


That’s a decent range and should be plenty enough to satisfy the vast majority of van uses. Even the busiest couriers only cover between 50-150 miles per day depending on whether they are in the city or further afield.


This range should be plenty.


2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed

2023 Ford E-Transit Custom Revealed


Charging can be via standard charging or a 115 kW fast charger. Times and specifics have yet to be revealed.


This all electric Ford Transit Van is an EU spec model and we don't know if we'll see it in Canada, but we sure hope we do because it looks great!


Check out the current Ford Transit range at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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