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2022 Ford Explorer Timberline in Canada: A Quick Overview

2022 Ford Explorer Timberline in Canada: A Quick Overview

The second of our spy shots this week happened over the holidays. The 2022 Ford Explorer Timberline was seen out in the wild without any camouflage. As the Ford Escape is a popular choice for Canadian families, it’s only right to show you what’s on the horizon.


We get to see for the first time what the new Timberline trim looks like. And I must say, I like it!




The 2022 Ford Explorer Timberline might not actually be a Timberline. That’s just the popular opinion right now thanks to Ford having trademarked a bunch of names last year, including this one.


The badge where you would normally see a trim name has been covered up on this demo car so it’s still an unknown. Sources at Ford apparently leaked the fact this is being called Timberline but it has yet to be confirmed.


2022 Ford Explorer


The 2022 Ford Explorer looks different to the previous model with a new front end, lights, fascia and grille. The low overhang at either end hints at off road ability but that’s not confirmed yet.


The design is lower at the front than many SUVs and the panel detailing down the side starts high at the rear and slopes down towards the front. This is a change for SUV design where the overall lines are more horizontal than angled.


I’m a fan of this new design. I like the new lower profile front end, the new grille and that lower fascia. I hope they all make it to production.


Off road chops


This Explorer sits higher too. This could also hint at off road ability or it could be artificially raised because of the tires. Either way, the combination of low overhangs, skid plate and high ride height definitely hints at some kind of off road capability.


While this car had rough road tires, they could have been put there to throw us off the scent so we take those with a pinch of salt. The same for the skid plate.


We don’t know what’s inside or under the hood as yet as Ford has kept its own counsel there. We expect a similar range of engines as the current Explorer, with a wide range of EcoBoost options across the range.


We would hope for the 3.0-litre engine with its 365 hp, although we don’t know if that will feature or not.


The same for AWD, some kind of off road tuned suspension and perhaps limited slip differential. Some of those are more likely than others!


Look out for the 2022 Ford Explorer Timberline in early to mid 2021. Or keep an eye on Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 for news.

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