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Ford Transit RV Packages: Adventure, Motorhome & RV

Ford Transit RV Packages: Adventure, Motorhome & RV

The world of the van doesn’t seem to move as quickly as that of cars and SUVs but that doesn’t mean nothing happens. Far from it. The new Ford packages for the Transit are a case in point.


Called the Transit Adventure, Motorhome and RV Prep Packages, each adds even more utility to this exceptionally flexible van. Each package lends itself to a slightly different use.


These are preparation packages. These are designed to provide the platform ideally suited for further work. They are not fully-fitted out motorhomes or RVs.


2021 Ford Transit Adventure Prep Package


The 2021 Ford Transit Adventure Prep Package sets the scene with the twin turbocharged 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine, AWD, a 3.73:1 limited-slip differential on the rear axle and a heavy-duty front axle.


Inside, you get adaptive cruise control, a blind spot information system, plus side-sensing and reverse systems, privacy glass, an 8” screen, USB charging and large batteries.


2021 Ford Transit Motorhome Prep Package


The 2021 Ford Transit Motorhome Prep Package fits onto a cutaway model that will have the motorhome part added later. It uses the same engine but with economy tweaks, new exterior colour and trim options and adaptive cruise control.


2021 Ford Transit RV Prep Package


The 2021 Ford Transit RV Prep Package is for full vans and uses the same engine, manual swivel seats up front, upgraded audio system with speakers fitted around the van, side-sensing system, adaptive cruise control, heavy duty trailer system and other goodies.


2021 Ford Transit


The 2021 Ford Transit carries over mostly unchanged. The engine, chassis and mechanicals are the same while the van has a couple of cosmetic tweaks to mark it out as new.


Those tweaks include a new grille design, some new colours and a wider space between front seats for better access to the rear.


While that doesn’t seem like much, the current Transit has been refined to such a degree that very little needs changing. The engine is superb, the chassis stable and road manners great whether loaded or empty.


You can still carry, haul and tow and it’s a comfortable drive. Not an Escape sure, but it drives much better than you expect from a van that’s for sure.


The 2021 Ford Transit with or without the Prep Packages will be available from Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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