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2021 Dodge Viper may be a real thing

2021 Dodge Viper may be a real thing

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Rumour central has been busy this week with stories that the most awesome of sports cars, the Dodge Viper may be making a comeback. Without the V10. Retired last year, the Viper was sadly missed almost from the second the production line went silent. It seems Dodge isn’t ready to give up on the name just yet.

What was the final true American sports car was something of a relic with brute force and not a lot of refinement, but it was dearly loved. Given that the Ford Mustang, Ford GT and of course the Corvette are all doing so well, it makes sense that FCA and Dodge want to regain a piece of that.

Dodge have yet to respond to questions about these rumours, just saying ‘they cannot comment on future product speculation’.

2021 Dodge Viper
While rumours only, there are more than a few people, both within Dodge and outside who say a 2021 Dodge Viper is a real possibility. The road is definitely open for a pure sports car and with the potential relaxation of emissions targets in the US, it is more a possibility now than before.

That said, FCA are allegedly thinking about a new V8 engine to power any new Viper rather than a V10. That’s not to say a V10 isn’t a possibility, just that it is an outside bet rather than the favourite. Other contenders are the 7.0-litre V8 Banshee engine and supercharged 6.2-litre V8 Dodge already uses to great effect.

Whatever engine is used in this unconfirmed new Viper, hopefully it will be slightly more advanced than the cast iron version of the original. I would hope automotive technology allows more than just making engines bigger and louder.

Another thing that could do with improvement is cornering and manoeuvrability. Anyone that drove a Viper knows that it is awesome on the straight and on the highway but as soon as you need to turn the wheel, things began to unravel. Cornering and driving around town was a challenge all of its own. If FCA can combine a more advanced engine and better steering and bring the Viper out of the agricultural age, this could actually work.

We don’t know if the 2021 Dodge Viper is a real thing yet or not but there is no reason to suspect it isn’t. That’s especially true if you consider that 2019 marks 30 years since that original Dodge sports car was first shown way back in 1989…

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