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2020 Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale

2020 Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale

Just as we had finished putting together the post for the 2020 Ford Edge ST-Line, news broke that Ford were planning another special edition, the Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale. This uses similar principles to the Edge but with a key difference. Where the Edge concentrates purely on sporty looks, the Vignale in the Puma adds luxury too.

Vignale is an upmarket trim level available on some Ford vehicles. It’s more luxurious than standard but not quite up to Lincoln levels. It could genuinely be a brand all of its own and I personally don’t know why it isn’t. However, for now it’s part of Ford and has given us the Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale.

“Customers have told us that they want a range of options to help find a combination of style, equipment, performance and efficiency that’s just right for them,” Roelant de Waard, marketing, sales, and service vice president of Ford in Europe, explained the combination between ST-Line and Vignale.

ST-Line Vignale

The Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale works in the same way as the Edge. It provides sportier looks and better appearance than standard while keeping performance sensible. Rather than going all-out with an ST engine, uprated suspension and racier ride, you get the appearance of an ST with standard engines.

The car has extra exterior trim up front, what looks like a sharper lower sill, new front lights with LED running lights, new alloy wheels, aluminium grille, rooftip spoiler at the rear and new rear bumper.

Inside, you get a new leather interior, leather steering wheel, Ford KeyFree, Bang and Olufsen audio, Ford’s Local Hazard Information system and the Ford MegaBox for storage.

2020 Ford Puma

The 2020 Ford Puma is an all-new model that uses an old name in a completely different way. Where the old model was a hot hatch, this is a small crossover. It looks the part, with an upright stance, modest dimensions and attractive looks though.

It has a flowing design with big front end, bug-eyed headlights and a ridge along the top of each fender that flows down the body to the rear lights. It’s an attractive car that looks a little like a Fiesta that has been overinflated, in a good way.

Inside, the Puma is light and spacious with a nice layout. The driving position looks comfortable, with a digital display, minimalist dashboard and touchscreen in the centre stack.

All the engines are small but easily up to the task. The current lineup includes a 1.0-litre EcoBoost three cylinder with turbocharger that delivers 123 hp. There are also mild hybrids and a new 1.5-litre four diesel. We don’t yet know which of these we will get in Canada or when we get to see the Puma.

The 2020 Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale definitely seems like the Puma to buy if you can. Visit Northway Ford Lincoln to learn more.

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