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2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

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Ford have showcased their new Police Interceptor Utility in a teaser image released recently. It is of a 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid which indicates that we may be getting a version of this model in general release.


The image is in shadow, in the dark so doesn’t show much. However it’s a little more than we knew this time a month ago so is a step in the right direction.


Police Interceptor Utility

While the image doesn’t show a great deal, we can see some changes in the shape and features of the 2020 Ford Explorer. It shifts more towards a Range Rover profile and adds a sportier edge to the SUV. Add some LED lighting in new shapes and slight body modifications and we have a good idea of what to expect in next year’s release.


The general body shape, length, profile and ride height all look remarkably similar to the current model. That leads us to expect only minor changes for the 2019 model year. While the Police Interceptor Utility may have a bunch of different features than the civilian version, those are likely to be minor and not include shape or height.


The main difference is up front. There is less front overhang and the front wheels are close to each corner thanks to drive shifting back to the rear. For that alone, the 2020 Ford Explorer is going to be worth a look.


Ford did give us some detail on the hybrid powertrain through. They said it would run primarily off lithium-ion batteries that would also power the extra equipment in the cop car. The gas engine would kick in when batteries need charging. The new hybrid would offer a 40% increase in gas mileage over the current V6 model and offer 24mpg. Those figures are estimates right now but Ford went on to say:


‘If you applied these savings to every Ford Police Interceptor Utility sold in 2017 (in the US), it would equate to more than $126 million at $2.93 a gallon, or more than 43 million gallons of fuel.’


Ford also said the hybrid unit would not eat into interior space and would be connected to an all-wheel drive system. As the new Explorer uses a new rear wheel drive system, this could indicate a new AWD system too. That should please the purists!


The 2020 Ford Explorer is not due until summer 2019 so this is a very early look. It isn’t how many of us thought we would first see the Explorer in the clear but given how much extra testing cop cars have to go through, it makes sense to let them test ahead of time. Nevertheless, it’s good to see RWD coming back and a hybrid option for those who want it.


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