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This 2018 Kia Soul EV Range is Impressive

This 2018 Kia Soul EV Range is Impressive

In the era of sustainable transportation, the 2018 Kia Soul EV stands out as an electrifying option for Canadian drivers. With its eye-catching design, eco-friendly performance, and impressive range, the Soul EV presents an enticing choice for those seeking an electric vehicle (EV) that can take them the distance.


In this article, we delve into the range capabilities of the 2018 Kia Soul EV, highlighting its ability to go the extra mile without compromising on style or functionality.


Efficient Electric Powertrain:


The 2018 Kia Soul EV is powered by an efficient electric powertrain that eliminates tailpipe emissions and provides a smooth, quiet driving experience. Its electric motor generates instant torque, delivering quick acceleration and responsive performance. With the Soul EV, you can enjoy the thrill of driving while reducing your carbon footprint.


Impressive Range


One of the key considerations for EV buyers is the range the vehicle can offer. The 2018 Kia Soul EV impresses with its extended range, ensuring you can confidently tackle your daily commute and more. With a fully charged battery, the Soul EV can cover an estimated range of up to 179 kilometers on a single charge, making it ideal for city driving, suburban errands, and daily routines.


Regenerative Braking System

To optimize the Soul EV's range, Kia has equipped it with a regenerative braking system. This innovative feature converts kinetic energy during deceleration and braking into electrical energy, which is then used to recharge the battery.


By capturing and recycling energy that would otherwise be lost, the regenerative braking system helps maximize the Soul EV's range, particularly in stop-and-go traffic situations.


Charging Options and Convenience


The 2018 Kia Soul EV offers multiple charging options to suit different needs and lifestyles. With a standard Level 1 charger, you can plug the vehicle into a standard household outlet to replenish the battery.


This option is ideal for overnight charging. For faster charging, the Soul EV supports Level 2 charging, which can be done at home with a dedicated charger or at public charging stations.


Furthermore, the Soul EV is compatible with DC fast charging, allowing you to recharge the battery to approximately 80% capacity in just 30 minutes, making it convenient for longer journeys.


Charging Infrastructure in Canada


Across Canada, the charging infrastructure continues to expand, making EV ownership even more accessible and convenient. Public charging stations are increasingly available in urban centers, shopping centers, and along major highways, providing EV owners with the peace of mind to venture farther.


Additionally, various mobile apps and online platforms help EV drivers locate charging stations and plan their journeys accordingly.


Additional Features and Practicality


The 2018 Kia Soul EV combines its impressive range with practicality and a host of desirable features. Its boxy shape offers ample interior space for both passengers and cargo, making it a practical choice for daily commuting and weekend adventures.


The Soul EV comes equipped with modern amenities, including a touchscreen display, Bluetooth® connectivity, and available Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility, enhancing the driving experience with seamless integration of technology.


Government Incentives and Eco-Friendly Benefits


Purchasing an electric vehicle like the 2018 Kia Soul EV comes with additional perks in Canada. Government incentives and rebates are available at the federal and provincial levels, providing financial incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. Furthermore, driving an electric vehicle contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helps create a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations.

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