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Top Gear team possibly destined for new Netflix show

Top Gear team possibly destined for new Netflix show

While we here at Car Nation Canada are all about the cars, there is one

show in particular that also gets our attention. The BBC’s Top Gear. Like it or
loathe it, the program is one of the best auto shows in the world and brings us
the news and reviews in a format we can relate to.

At its height, Top Gear was watched in over 100 countries by several hundred
million people. It was also regularly the most popular BBC show anywhere. It
earned the corporation millions in revenue and brought what is widely regarded
as a stuffy organization to the attention of a much younger audience.

So it was a shame when the current lineup came to an end with “that
incident” at the hotel. Jeremy Clarkson’s contract wasn’t renewed and Hammond
and May were not keen to continue without him. With no word from the BBC, we
turn to the trio themselves, along with Clarkson’s friend Andy Wilman who used
to produce Top Gear for any news.

British newspaper the Daily Mirror may have the news we have all been
waiting for. According to their story, the three presenters
are pitching to Netflix for a new motoring show called House of Cars. Given how
popular Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards series was on the channel, it’s a brilliant
play on words.

The BBC owns the Top Gear name so that was definitely out of the
question. The BBC is also planning to relaunch Top Gear with new presenters. We
don’t know who, what or when yet but rumours are rife. No facts are known yet,
no announcements are forthcoming, but speculation can be such fun!

Favourites to host the show are currently Jodie Kidd, ex-supermodel and
motoring fanatic, Phillip Glenister, a British actor of great repute and
another car fanatic and Guy Martin, a motorcycle racer and car show presenter.

Netflix isn’t the team’s only option though. Another British TV channel,
ITV are also vying for the trio. The problem with ITV is that it’s supported by
commercials, including those of automakers. Given Clarkson’s potential for
ridiculing certain makes and models of cars, this could cause a problem with
ITVs advertising department. Netflix has no such issues.

Talks are apparently still underway with both channels. We’ll keep an
eye on developments and update you here as facts arise.

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