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Mazda planning no new models until 2022

Mazda planning no new models until 2022

Despite rumours to the contrary, it seems Mazda has no plans for any new models for the next couple of years. That’s according to Nikkei Asian Review anyway. So those rumours of an RX-9? Not happening, or not happening for a while yet.

Nikkei Asian Review is a financial and business news outlet that covers the Asian market. It is a reliable source of information that is often credited with breaking stories from Japanese and Asian automakers. They published a story last week titled ‘With no launches in next 2 years, Mazda rides rough road’.

While this is a report and not official news from Mazda, it does tie in with other snippets we have heard over the past few months about the road ahead for the Japanese automaker. We had hoped for a new rotary engined vehicle and a new RX-9 but did realize they were distant possibilities rather than potential realities.

Good job Mazda’s current lineup is so good then!

Evolving Mazda models

The piece in Nikkei Asian Review goes on to say that Mazda is likely to continue its program of steady improvements to existing models rather than release any new ones. This is similar to what Chrysler has been doing, although Mazda has more vehicles than the three Chrysler has.

More improvements to the SkyActiv series of engines, more technology, more safety tech and more minor updates. The exception to this is the upcoming MX-30, an electric car that has already been developed. The MX-30 is not expected to be a volume model, more a showcase of what Mazda can do and something different for early adopters.

The MX-5 is still the best roadster in the world that normal people can afford. The Mazda3 is still one of the best small cars around and the Mazda6 is one of the best looking sedans anywhere. The new CX range is also good looking with solid design, strong engines and great interiors.

All Mazda cars exhibit those driving qualities we appreciated in a car. Confident handling, predictable and responsive steering, great engines and slick shifting. Add poised suspension and plenty of feedback from the road and you have a recipe for the success Mazda has seen over the past few years.

But is it enough?

With automakers releasing new models all the time and brand loyalty largely a thing of the past, how will Mazda compete with those automakers with ever-increasing lineups? Only time will tell on that one.

Fortunately, Mazda has created a portfolio of top quality cars on which to build on over the next couple of years. As far as we know there are no sedans coming to challenge the Mazda6 or roadsters to take MX-5’s crown. The crossover range of CX will be under more pressure but they are easily good enough to cope!

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