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Your next car could be electric with a car loan

Your next car could be electric with a car loan

Now Ontario no longer has the electric car rebate, there is less incentive than before to buy a new EV. If you have your heart set on going electric, you can still go green by covering the rebate with a car loan.

It isn’t the same as a rebate, we know that. But if you want to join the electric revolution, it’s an easy way to do it.

5 reasons why EVs are the future

We think electric is the future of motoring and we’ll give you 5 reasons why.

1. Electric vehicles are greener

Whether you believe that pollution causes global warming or not, we all know cars cause pollution. That pollution makes the air smell, our clothes dirty and can cause health problems.

Anything we can do to avoid that has to be a good thing. Cars cause a massive amount of pollution and while EVs don’t alleviate all of that, they can reduce emissions by a huge extent.

2. Low maintenance driving

Despite being much more advanced than a gas car, EVs are usually lower maintenance. Electric motors have far fewer moving parts so there is less to go wrong. While occasional technical issues do arise, overall electric cars require less maintenance and fewer repairs.

3. More charging options

There are now more EV charging points than ever before. There is also the opportunity to charge at home using the mains. Many EVs come with their own chargers to convert mains electricity into usable energy for even more convenience.

When EVs were first sold, charging points were few and far between. They are now everywhere and numbers are growing steadily.

4. Better parking spots

Depending on where you live, you will often find public parking spaces with EV chargers in very convenient places. Next to family or disabled spots and usually close to the mall or store entrance.

This a minor benefit sure but it’s still a benefit!

5. Prices are coming down steadily

While there is still a price premium for EVs, that price is coming down steadily. Improvements in manufacturing and the supply chain, plus advances in battery technology means the cost of buying an electric car are reducing all the time.

Despite the Ontario government removing the buying incentives, EVs are still within reach. If you want to drive green, you can use a cheap car loan to make up the difference. It’s not the same as free money but it’s close!

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