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Would you drive from New York to London?

Would you drive from New York to London?


It may seem an odd question, especially when we ask whether
you would drive from New York to London across Canada, Alaska and Russia rather than
the "short" way over the Atlantic. But that's the question Russians
have obviously been asking themselves these past months.

According to reports on CNN, the Russians have been mooting
building a superhighway that would cross the entirety of their country. They
would then use existing roads to reach London in one direction and New York via
Fairbanks in the other.

They have called it the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development
(TEPR) and is being spearheaded by Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin. The
idea is being put forward along with a high-speed rail link that would traverse

The new highway would run beside the Trans-Siberian Railway
for the entire width of Russia. It would involve crossing the 55 miles between
Russia and Alaska, traverse the Alaskan wilderness into the U.S. and continue
using the Canadian and American highway network into New York.

Estimates are that the entire route would be in the region
of 12,910 miles long, which would require an entire supporting infrastructure
to make work. While American rest stops often leave a lot to be desired, we
dread to think what Russian ones are like!

The road would cost billions of dollars to build and would
involve the Russian, Canadian and American governments cooperating on a massive
scale. At a time when Russia seems to be rebuilding the iron curtain, it's a
curious idea to be bringing up. As a good friend of Putin, you would think Vladimir
Yakunin would know better!

From a geopolitical standpoint, we doubt the American
government would ever agree to a road such as this. Scaremongers would say the
Russians just want it to drive T-90s all the way to Washington. Moderates would
say that neither the American nor Russian economies are anywhere near strong
enough to support such a venture.

We would say, it would make a fantastic road trip if it
wasn't for the fact we would have to turn around at London and drive all the
way back. A complete loop would be much better as far as we are concerned!

Whether this project will ever see the light of day or not
remains to be seen. However, it's good that not everyone in Russia wants to
close all the borders and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. In the
meantime, we have thousands of miles of highway that crosses Canada for our
road trips!

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