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Women leading the way in online car sales

Women leading the way in online car sales

According to a British online car retailer, women are now more likely to buy a car online than their male counterparts.

A recent survey by BuyaCar.co.uk found that women buyers used to make up around a third of all car sales before you could buy a car online. Now, the company says women make up over 50% of buyers when shopping for cars online.

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Before online car buying became popular, just 28% of women would be happy visiting a dealership to buy a car. That’s a real shame. Despite huge strides in the industry to make it more friendly for everyone, it’s obvious we still have a long way to go.

Car Nation Canada led the way in this. We made the entire car buying process as simple as possible. We did away with pressure tactics, made sure all our sales team treated everyone equally and tried everything we could think of to make the whole experience friendlier and more approachable.

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We launched our online car sales initiative in early 2020 to make car buying available to everyone. It didn’t have women specifically in mind but it’s a positive side benefit.

It seems we were on the right track and that women have embraced this method of car buying!

Christofer Lloyd, editor of BuyaCar.co.uk, said: “We already know that women have always been less keen than men on the traditional high-stress showroom environment and that women are statistically more likely to buy cars in a no-pressure online environment than from a dealership.

“But it is interesting that a jump in sales to women from 40% to 50% for the first time ever has come during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our theory is that women may be even more drawn, currently, to the benefits of taking full control of the car-buying process in the safety of their own home at a time when there are still some risks involved in travelling around the country and interacting with sales people in indoor public spaces indoors. When the crisis eventually passes it will be interesting to see if women continue to represent half of our customers or, perhaps, become the majority.”

While the company cites the pandemic as a primary cause of this uptake, we think it’s more than that. Buying a car online is easy, contains none of the discomfort some feel in a dealership and is exactly the same as buying anything else online.

Whatever your gender. Whatever your thoughts on the traditional dealership experience. Car Nation Canada is different. Try us and see what you think!

Buy a car online. Buy it from a dealership. You get the same great service however you go about it!

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