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Will Electric Cars Replace Gas Cars Completely in Canada?

Will Electric Cars Replace Gas Cars Completely in Canada?

Undoubtedly, there will always be competition between these two types of cars. However, the only way to know for sure whether electric cars would replace gas cars is to have a look at the advantages electric cars have over their competition.


After all, everybody loves the next best thing. There is a lot to gain by replacing gas cars with electric cars.


Reasons why people would go for electric cars and not gas cars


Lower Fuel Cost: Many people are guaranteed to leave gas cars for electric cars when they find out that they do not have to pay the expensive amount for fuel like they used to with gas cars when using an electric car.


Statistics show that the fuel cost required to drive an electric car for a year is less than half of the fuel required to drive a gas car. With an electric car, you get to save more money.


Electric Cars Are Non-Pollutant: As of today, one of the biggest factors contributing to the carbon pollution in Canada is the emissions from gas cars. Every day, dangerous gasses are released from gas cars on the road, making the environment very hazardous.


On the other hand, electric cars are safe as they don't emit toxic gas. Therefore, replacing gas cars with electric cars is a great effort to reduce pollution.


Cheaper Insurance: In Canada, many insurance companies tend to give electric car owners up to 20% rebates on their vehicle insurance. This kind of treatment is exclusive to electric car owners.


It encourages gas car owners to replace their vehicles with electric ones.


Low Maintenance Costs: Unlike gas cars that need a lot of repairing and maintenance like changing car parts and the regular oil changing, electric cars are very easy to repair and have less stressful maintenance procedures.


Special Privileges: In some Canadian states, people using electric cars are given certain benefits such as access to reserved lanes, free toll roads and parking spots.


The Government Encourages The Replacement:  Also being affected by the importation of expensive fuel for gas vehicles, the Canadian federal government has begun to put plans in place to dominate electric cars in the automobile industry. The construction of these plans would make things harder and harder for every gas car owner to thrive in the country.


Can gas cars be completely replaced by electric cars by 2035?


Even with all the benefits that electric cars have to offer, the chances of electric cars replacing gas cars are very slim.


It is safe to say that, with proper planning, electric cars will greatly outnumber gas cars in Canada by 2035, but they cannot replace gas cars.


The reason electric cars are a relatively new invention is that they may need some time to earn people's trust in terms of their quality and durability.


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