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Will electric cars in Canada become more affordable over time? Short answer is Yes

Will electric cars in Canada become more affordable over time? Short answer is Yes

If you are reading this, you are likely interested in acquiring an electric vehicle in the future.

There are several advantages to owning an electric vehicle, but the most obvious is never having to buy gasoline or diesel again! While you stand to save a substantial amount of money on fuel expenditures, the initial cost of a new electric vehicle may be prohibitive for some Canadians.

The good news is that electric vehicle prices will decrease as automakers increase production.

The Canadian automobile market is enormous

Canada is a vast country, and we adore our automobiles; in fact, we require a car to travel from A to B.

In Canada, there are already 35 million gasoline-powered automobiles, therefore it will take a decade to replace them all with electric or hybrid equivalents. Some people will keep their old automobiles as treasures, but for the typical person, the question is not whether they will own an electric vehicle, but when.

It is perfectly natural to feel apprehensive about making the switch, we’ve grown up with gas-powered cars and most of us only know this method of transportation.

We can imagine how past generations must have felt when they transitioned from horse powered vehicles to horsepower!

Why you should switch to an electric vehicle as soon as possible

Numerous Canadians desire to switch to an electric vehicle. Nonetheless, many are apprehensive due to the widespread dissemination of false information online.

One of the most prominent reasons why Canadians are unwilling to purchase a car is the time it takes to recharge the vehicle, which is slower than filling the tank.

Nonetheless, technology will improve within a few years. Similar to how long it takes to refuel a gas-powered vehicle, the charging technology should provide comparable recharge times.

Imagine how much you would save on fuel if you made the move now instead of waiting a few years for the technology to be perfected.

Another online fallacy is that electric vehicles are not designed for Canadian winters. While cold weather may lower your EV's potential range, simple practices such as warming your batteries at home before you leave might increase your range.

Considering that the majority of EVs feature excellent traction control, you are less likely to get stuck in the snow than in a gas-powered vehicle.

There is financing available for the purchase of a new EV

Major automakers and financial institutions now offer enticing financing alternatives for your new electric vehicle.

You will also be eligible for rebates granted by the federal and provincial governments; funding is available despite credit concerns.

The first step is to visit your local dealership to test-drive their whole lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) and choose the one you like most; driving an EV is an entirely new experience, but one you will undoubtedly like.

While you test-drive various EVs, your dealership will negotiate the best financing conditions possible on your behalf.

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