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Why you should consider leasing your next truck

Why you should consider leasing your next truck

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It seems our appetite for trucks is never ending and while gas prices remain low, that shows no sign of slowing down. Apparently, 30 percent of new vehicle purchases across North America are for leases and while the majority of those leases are for cars, truck leasing is growing in popularity.


  1. Lower payments
  2. New for old
  3. Lease what you couldn’t afford to buy
  4.  Avoid depreciation

Lower payments
Trucks are big ticket items and represent a significant investment for buyers. To get a decent specification, you have to spend a decent amount of money. If you don’t have that kind of money lying around or would prefer to spend it elsewhere, leasing could be the way to go.
Not only is a lease payment lower than finance, you can afford to get more truck for your money too.

New for old
While many like to own their trucks until they fall apart, many of us like to have a new one every couple of years. We get the benefit of new safety tech, (sometimes) better gas mileage, new infotainment, new designs, new engines and all the good stuff that results in the continual drive to differentiate one truck from another.

With automotive technology advancing as quickly as it does, things change very fast. Leasing is one way to take advantage of that every few years.

Lease what you couldn’t afford to buy
As mentioned above, a decent truck will represent a significant investment. Some features or trim levels may be out of reach of many of us. I know I couldn’t afford to buy the truck I wanted. Leasing was much more affordable, around $200 cheaper per month than financing a purchase of the very same model.

While we would never want anyone to stretch themselves financially to buy what they wanted, leasing is a more accessible way of getting a new truck for less.

Avoid depreciation
Depreciation is the bane of all new car purchases. Even before you leave the forecourt, you’re losing money on the future value of that vehicle. Trucks have an extra challenge to overcome. While gas prices are low, trucks are desirable and maintain much more of their residual value. When gas prices rise, not so many people want to buy them so their value drops.

Leasing avoids this problem altogether. Your monthly payment stays the same regardless of what’s going on with residual values.
If leasing sounds like something you’re interested in, visit Betterway Sales & Leasing, 289 HWY #8, Stoney Creek, ON, L8G 1E5. We have some great deals on all kinds of cars and trucks. There’s bound to be a deal for you!

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