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You Can Sell your Car to a Dealership for a Great Price Now

You Can Sell your Car to a Dealership for a Great Price Now

Canadians that have been reluctant to sell their car to a dealership should move forward and try to sell it as soon as possible. We are not trying to scare you into making a rash decision. However, there are some compelling reasons why you should proceed with selling your vehicle.


Inflation is driving up the costs of everything in Canada


Inflation reached a high of 5.1% monthly in Canada, which means the average Canadian is paying considerably more for food, energy, and just about anything else.


This spike means the average Canadian does not have extra cash to put towards purchasing a new vehicle and are opting to buy a used car; at least they were thinking about it before the Russia and Ukraine altercation started.


Russian oil, gas prices, and you


Russia produces roughly 11 barrels of oil per day for the global economy, but recent economic sanctions have removed that inventory.


Now that oil supply is gone, the world is trying to find sources to offset this shortfall; while delegates from the U.S. Government are courting suppliers like Venezuela, consumers will feel the pinch.


Just recently, prices at the pump exceeded two dollars per litre, and this was before Russian oil was removed from the market.


The issue has reached such an extent that provincial government in most parts of Canada have suspended their fuel excise taxes to try and provide some relief, but that has not generated much relief.


Canadians must drive to work, school, and everywhere else. You could try to save money by working from home and using delivery services like Uber Eats, but the high fuel prices are going to creep into those costs, so you are caught either way.


Swapping to a more fuel-efficient vehicle


What most Canadians are doing is swapping out their gas guzzlers for something that is more fuel-efficient.


If your used car is fuel-efficient, you will have more interest, but prospective buyers are feeling the pinch and do not have the cash on hand to pay full retail.


Prior to the outbreak in Europe, there was demand from international buyers, but that will dry up as the credit markets look for safer harbors in the USA.


It may take a few months, but the demand for used cars is going to drop.


Fast and easy way to sell your used car


If you want to find a fast and easy way to sell your used car for cash, you should go through a local dealership. It may sound unconventional, but the dealership will happily buy the vehicle and pay you cash for it.


While you could try to sell the used car on your own, there are no guarantees you will get the results you want.


By going through the dealership, you are sure to have cash in hand right away, but as we mentioned earlier, with all of the volatility in the market, you will need to move fast, or the value of your used car may drop.


If you’re looking to sell your car to a dealership, we’d love to buy it for a great price! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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