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Why Buy An Electric Car? Everything You Need to Know

Why Buy An Electric Car? Everything You Need to Know

Are you still unsure about the benefits of driving an Electric Vehicle (EV)?  Technology has come a long way in recent years, so let’s talk about what’s going on with them now, from distance to costs to charging, let’s answer some common questions.


Does it Take a Long Time to Recharge?

Again, it depends on your situation.  EVs come standard with a plug that can be used in a regular outlet for easy overnight charging.


Fast charging stations can get a battery from 0-80% (or more) in 30-45 minutes.


Is an EV More Expensive Than a Gas-Powered Car?

While the upfront costs may be higher for an EV, the savings, in the long run, more than makeup for it.


No need to buy gas, so that’s instant savings, and if you’re charging your vehicle during off-peak times (evenings & weekends), your electricity bills won’t be heavily impacted.


EVs require far less maintenance than gas cars as well.


You don’t need all the fluids required for an internal combustion engine, and with far fewer moving parts, an electric car’s engine has less chance of breaking down.


How Does Driving an EV Impact The Environment?

Electric cars run on lithium-ion batteries which are mostly made with recyclable materials.


As a result, EVs do not produce any harmful greenhouse gas emissions which are a major factor in the deterioration of the atmosphere.


Most electricity in Canada is provided through hydroelectricity and nuclear power, so using more electricity has a fraction of the impact on the environment than burning fossil fuels.


Truth be told, EVs are on track to be the only option in the future.


Many countries and manufacturers have plans in place to cease production of gas-powered vehicles over the next 2 decades.


If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, now may be the time to get into an EV!


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