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When is the best time to sell your car in Woodstock?

When is the best time to sell your car in Woodstock?


You could read an article for every season with reasons why that is the best time to sell your vehicle in Woodstock, so what’s the truth?  Is there really a time that’s better than the rest for selling a car?  Why don’t we look at pros and cons for each season and see what comes out on top.



Summer is the season of long days at the beach, long nights around the campfire, and long road trips to get to those places.  So, would summer be the best time to sell your car?


Pro: Nicer weather means people are more interested in venturing out of the comfort of their homes, so if you’re doing a private sale, you’ll be able to schedule your viewing appointments with a lot more freedom.

Pro: If you’re looking to buy a new car after selling, summer may be good for you to sell, then wait a couple of months to save up for that new one.  Taking transit, walking, or biking to work and to run errands is more pleasant in the summer months.


Con: You won’t get the opportunity to show off some features your car may have (4-wheel drive, heated seats or steering wheel) in the summer months, because they simply aren’t necessary.  That probably wouldn’t cost you a sale, but it’s something to note.



Ah, winter in Woodstock.  Where the weather can turn on a dime from mild and rainy to bone-achingly cold for days on end and back again.


Pro: Odds are you won’t have much competition when it comes to selling, so you might have some good luck and be able to sell quickly.

Pro: If you’re looking to sell an SUV or truck with 4-wheel drive, winter could be a great time for you to sell.  You’re better able to show off the capabilities of the vehicle to your potential buyers, which could go a long way to making a sale.


Con: The weather, obviously.  The opposite of the summer months, in winter everyone wants to hibernate in the comfort and safety of their homes, not take a car out on icy streets clogged with snow piles.

Con: If your car has some minor issues, the winter has a way of making them seem much evident.

Con: When the car you’re looking to sell is a convertible or a sports car, you might as well just call it off now.  If a potential buyer can’t test-drive your car, you won’t be selling it.


Spring & Autumn

We felt like we could stick these two together.  The transitional seasons between the extreme Southern Ontario summers and winters have similar pros & cons when it comes to selling your car.


Pro:  Both seasons offer mild temperatures and in the case of spring people who want to get out and shake off the dust of winter, and in autumn people are looking to get back into their school and work routines.  Either way they’re out and about and potentially looking for a sweet ride like the one you’re selling.


Con: We hate to drone on about the weather, but really, it’s the biggest factor in comparing the seasons.  Spring and fall weather is unpredictable and setting up test-drive appointments can be tricky.



Well, it all comes down to you in the end.  We firmly believe that the best time to sell a car is when you’re ready.  You can even avoid all the cons we talked about by selling your car to a dealership.  They take all the hassle out of selling and handle pretty much everything for you.  So, if right now is the time you want to sell your car, get started with an appraisal today.


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