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What To Know About Electric Cars in 2023

What To Know About Electric Cars in 2023

If you are a new driver or looking for a new vehicle in Canada, you should consider migrating away from gas-powered vehicles and opting for an EV.


Food for thought


Gas prices have been skyrocketing since the start of 2022; while some experts blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a leading cause of these high gas prices, in Canada, the primary cause is inflation and carbon taxes.


Even if there was no outbreak of war in Europe, the carbon taxes enacted by the Trudeau Government would still make gas prohibitively expensive for most Canadians.


What makes these high fuel prices worse is that throughout the pandemic, Canadians could work from home, saving a tremendous amount of time and money by not having to commute to the office.


Now employers are trying to coax employees back to the office in either a hybrid or back in the office full time.


Some workers are opting for new jobs as part of the great resignation, but most Canadians want to stay in their current roles, especially with the risk of a recession on the horizon.


If you are concerned about high gas prices or just want a vehicle that has predictable pricing, then an EV should be on your list of contenders.


While there are very efficient hybrid vehicles available in the market, they still rely on gasoline, so you need to do yourself a favour and stop your dependence on gasoline forever.


Understanding range anxiety and addressing those concerns


The vast majority of Canadians would buy an EV; they are just worried about running out of power and being stranded on the side of the road.


These EVs cannot be towed like conventional gas-powered cars, and roadside assistance is not able to boost your car until you get to the next gas station.


There has been significant development in the number of level three chargers being installed throughout Canada; these chargers can be found at Petro Canada.


Just about every municipality in Canada has a few of these chargers, which is great when you are going on a long trip.


Something that will make your life easier is the availability of level two chargers that can be installed in your home.


These chargers are faster and are automated, so you can set your car to charge after midnight when electricity rates are typically cheaper than during the day.


By being able to keep your vehicle fully charged, you never have to worry about being stranded, and since the average EV has a range similar to what you would get from a gas-powered car, there has never been a better time to make the change.


How to buy an EV


The EV market has become mainstream; you can head over to your local dealership, test drive their EVs, and get on-the-spot financing.


This means you can get an EV today at a price comparable to a gas-powered car and drive it home today.


If you are tired of being ripped off at the gas pump, then do yourself a favour and head on over to your local dealership now.


If you need help or advice on anything to do with electric vehicles, contact Car Nation Canada today, we can help!

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